It’s day one of bootcamp and the PAC venue is filled with candidates ready to face another challenge. Some are in groups discussing with others are seated alone with their laptops cracking code. The Andela team is setting up for the day’s workshop as well as tea for us. We already know our team members as we had been sent the email over the weekend. Everyone is eager to know who their LFA for the week would be. After a brief tea break, our facilitator Mr. Chrispine calls for his attention and immediately we are placed in our groups. My name is the called and I make my way to a table next to the window and fellow teammates follow suit. We had interacted with most of them during pre-bootcamp and without wasting time we start introducing ourselves. In this post, I will speak of 3 of my teammates and their attributes.

Our LFA for the week is Kevin Bett. He gives us a brief story about himself and gives us his expectations. Kevin comes across as a quiet guy but also very friendly. One thing that makes him stand out is his calm nature. You easily feel comfortable around him and he is very particular in details. He takes the time to understand what our blockers are and help out where necessary. Feedback is very clear, timely and doable. He is a positive thinker, modest but hardworking.

I met Andrew in week one of pre-bootcamp and we immediately became friends. During our interactions, I learned that he was a huge tech enthusiast and we happened to attend most of the tech events in Nairobi. On a personal level, he is very calm and a person of few words. He loves to hike and is a huge football fan and supports Manchester United. Some of the attributes that stand out are teamwork, collaboration, and communication. He articulates his blockers very clear and is precise with his answers. He is ready to unblock anyone anytime. He comes from a telecommunication background. He hoped to be a proficient software developer by pursuing challenging environments to toughen him up.

Allan Mogusu is my other teammate. He quickly introduces himself as someone who loves to read and is a recent graduate in computer science. He is very calm but very sharp too. This will be his first time at bootcamp and is doing well so far. He is one person who is articulate about blockers. If he does not understand anything he is not afraid to ask questions. He follows up and ensures he has gotten the concept. When it comes to teamwork he is a key player and has unblocked me on a few occasions.

Joshua Kodhe an avid reader and his favorite author is Chimamanda. He also comes from a telecommunications background. One thing about him is collaboration. He lives by the principle of learning by unblocking people first, then proceed to do the challenge at hand. He is passionate about IT and becoming a fellow. He is always looking to grow his skill sets by applying himself in the tasks undertaken. Finding solutions, however small the problem is, fills him with joy.

I won’t forget to mention my other colleagues Peter Okoth and Daniel Kamar. You are amazing people and your hard work is highly valued. Team Scholars as we call ourselves are indeed scholars, and I hope we all make it to fellowship. Cheers.