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Perjan Duro
Feb 26, 2016 · Unlisted

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Just to save you time and nerves, we prepared this post for you (visible only by link). It contains the most important infos about MoneyCoach.
We hope you love it.

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If you don’t have too much time, just see a short video and you will understand why MoneyCoach was featured by Apple and used by hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis.

Cheers from Berlin 🇩🇪,
Perjan & the Team

Price: Free
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For all press and interview inquiries, please contact:
Perjan Duro, Founder
+49 160 93171926

MoneyCoach UG

MoneyCoach was brought to you by Imperium Apps GmbH.

What does MoneyCoach do?

It helps you achieve financial freedom by:

  • helping you manage all your financial accounts
  • creating amazing reports easy to understand
  • giving you personalised tips based on your spending habits

In just no time you will see not only where your money is going, but how to increase your wealth.

Every other finance app is focused on saving money, but MoneyCoach wants you to have more of everything.

There are 10.000.000 of apps like this. Why MoneyCoach?

Because of:

  1. World Class Support (every ticket handled within 10 minutes)
  2. New features twice a month, always supporting the latest OS features
  3. Created by finance experts

Who is MoneyCoach for?

Anyone who needs to keep track of their money across multiple accounts and know in realtime their Net Worth. It is ideal for:

  • Freelancers
  • Software developers
  • Designers
  • Students
  • Anyone who has a lot of financial accounts (credit cards, savings, debts, etc)
  • Anyone who hates excel files and stupidly long bank statements
  • Anyone who wants to buy their Tesla, by learning how to make more and spend less
  • Anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom

Our mission is to make families happier and debt free.

And we are doing that by:

  • Providing easy and flexible ways to track budgets and expenses on a daily basis
  • Letting you keep track of your credit card transactions as they happen
  • Improving financial literacy by providing financial articles and tutorials
  • Providing personalised consultations from financial experts

That’s why we build MoneyCoach based on the same principles as a health or fitness app.

  • You track your current financial status
  • You set objectives and goals
  • By showing progress, we motivate you to do better

Key Features Guide

  • Add transactions by voice on Apple Watch. Just say it!
  • Budgets
  • SMART Goals
  • Custom Moneyfeed
  • NLP Support
  • Realtime Net Worth
  • Realtime Multi Currency Support
  • Calendar for better financial planning
  • Add new expense in less than 2 seconds
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Custom App Icons
  • Support multiple accounts and account types
  • Interactive reports for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly overall
  • Track balance of each account
  • Powerful statistics and reports of all your transactions
  • Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen
  • Export all transactions as CSV in any of your apps
  • Curated articles with tips and tricks how to make more money
  • Tailored suggestions based on your spending or earning habits
  • Suggestions with the latest trends or deals to make the most out of them
  • And a lot more!


How much does MoneyCoach cost?

MoneyCoach it is free with unlimited functionality and reporting tools.
You can unlock extra powerful features with the MoneyCoach Premium subscription starting $1,99 Monthly or $19,99 Yearly.

Is MoneyCoach on Apple Watch?

We are thrilled to announce that MoneyCoach was available on Apple Watch from Day 1, which means 24.04.2015.

What are the System Requirements for MoneyCoach?

MoneyCoach supports iOS 12. On iOS 12 we support all the major latest goodies like Siri Shortcuts, Core ML, NLP and a lot of other cool stuff.

Can I use MoneyCoach on multiple devices?

MoneyCoach can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.

MoneyCoach is optimised for every device resolution using Adaptive Layout. Web, Mobile Web, Android and OS X versions are on our roadmap.

How secure is MoneyCoach?

MoneyCoach is secured using Touch ID and Face ID on the new iPhones, so you can sleep safe.

Where are my datas stored?

All your datas are stored on the device. If you wish, you can export a backup on your Dropbox account. Cloud Sync is also available for Premium users.

Can I export my data?

You can export all your data as a CSV and you can use them with all major accounting softwares.

Can I import data from other accounting softwares?

You can import your financial data from any other app or software that you have. All you need is a CSV file :).

The MoneyCoach Story

MoneyCoach was created by Perjan Duro to solve his own problems with personal finance management. Perjan was losing money, because of not knowing where the money was going and where to channelize the energy for earning more and spending less.

Let alone the fact that keeping track of so many accounts, was a total waste of time.

Millions of freelancers, small startups and normal people with more that 3 accounts (credit card, savings account, debit accounts, etc), are facing this issue every day. They need a fast an easy way to track their accounts and new techniques to make more money.

We took a look and tried several app during a one year period, but the current solutions were either oversimplified or cluttered and buggy. The apps that were above the crowd, needed always extra payments to unlock even a simple chart.

Motivated by this, on 2014 we crafted MoneyCoach — The easiest personal finance tracker & trainer app.

During the last year, MoneyCoach improved vastly, thanks to the community around it and to the users which suggest features that make their lives easier. Now it is ready for the big show, always by staying true to its mission: Helping people achieve financial freedom!

Wanna see some images?


Perjan Duro

Written by

Founder of @appMoneyCoach — Next Gen Personal Finance. Creating innovative apps @imperiumApps that are used by millions of people. #fintech #apps #AI #berlin

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