Don’t Just Get Personal, Get Hyper-Personal With Your Employees

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With the world’s current workforce being made up of several distinct generations, each one expecting something a little different when it comes to business-to-employee engagement, brands can no longer afford to adopt a one-size-fits-all solution to employee experience. Instead, it’s time to get hyper-personal. The dynamics of the global workforce are changing.

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Hyper-personalisation employee benefits is an enhanced version of the personalisation we all know and love. Rather than providing an experience based on a data-driven persona, hyper-personalisation is about tailoring an experience for individual users. Benefits are becoming a more significant piece of the puzzle for companies committed to caring for — and keeping — their people.

Delivering hyper-personal employee benefits can improve staff retention, job satisfaction and dramatically reduce the cost of recruitment. Plus, a healthy employee experience naturally leads to better customer experience. To have the most significant impact, companies and HR leaders should continuously evaluate and adjust their programs and packages. While there’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to effective offerings, benefits are most potent when they’re personalised, holistic and adaptive to employees’ unique needs.

In this next-generation workplace, how can human resources managers bring meaningful changes to their compensation and benefits programs for employees?

I believe the solution lies in customised and hyper-personalised employee experiences. Just as companies such as Facebook, Starbucks, and Amazon have already delivered hyper-personalised user experiences that build loyal customer relationships, hyper-personalisation will both transform how organisations engage with employees and signal profound implications for organisations of the future.


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