The Journey with words

I have always fancied reading and writing to be my forte, since a very young age. While in school, I often read books and was very fond of writing poems. However, I wished to be at the zenith of the art of reading and the prowess of writing.

In order to materialize this fantasy, I pursued a graduation course in English Literature from one of the best colleges in Delhi. Post my graduation, I started working as a freelance writer and continued to be one while I pursued my Masters. I started writing my blog during this time, and spent about an hour everyday reading a novel. As I started working, I taught myself to utilize my commute time by reading a book. On weekends, I tried to make sometime to write a blogpost (that too, if I am not traveling).

Very recently, I started taking pride in the fact that I have managed to devote some good amount of time with books and notepad through all the phases of my life. For a while, I started aspiring to start writing a book with immediate effect (I always wished to write one). As soon as I contemplated more about this prospect, brainstormed around ideas and initiated the process having scribbled a few pages, I realized something. I realized that I was struggling with the right words for the content. I had to often use Google or dictionary to figure out which word would be apt in the given context, in order to express the emotion, feeling or thought faithfully. I realized that probably I need to put in more efforts to get friendly with words. I figured out that it’s essential to learn new words, enhance vocabulary and use words that really fit the context and emotion. I tried to think around what can I do to help me write better, to improve my vocabulary and to start playing with words. After much pondering, I figured that I could two things.

One was to ensure that while I pursued my daily reading, I marked the words I wasn’t familiar with and look up for their meanings. Usually, when we are in the flow of reading a book, we ignore the words as we focus on the larger meaning implied in the text. However, I decided to focus on word meanings as well now. I was sure that if I would search 10 new words everyday, I would retain atleast two of them, which would mean close to 60 words every month. Wow, that sounded great! Two, I thought of expanding my range of reading material. I discerned that my scope of reading was limited to novels and non-fiction books, and a few news articles. Having contemplated about this, I decided to widen the range of my reading to include some magazines, newsboards, and platforms like Medium, Linkedin, Expin to my list of reading as well. This would certainly imply that I am investing double time everyday in reading than before, which would aid my vocabulary as well as writing skills going forward. Infact, having read Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’, I was convinced with his suggestion that a writer or a potential writer does need to spend four to six hours of reading and writing on a daily basis. I was far from that goal, but thought of getting closer with time, taking one step each time.

My journey with words has started and seems to be going in the right direction. Words are the building blocks of writing. If you are good with words, you can certainly be good with writing. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to put just the right word while writing a piece of work. While the words bump each other in your mind, you get a better clarity of which one would be better suited in which context. For instance, very recently I was looking for a better word in place of ‘Quick’, and the words ‘instant’ & ‘prompt’ gave each other quite a tough competition in the game, with ‘prompt’ being the final winner. With time, I also cognized that it is a fun journey to play with words, provided you have the required patience and commitment. If there’s enough passion to write something the way you really want it, you will certainly enjoy the whole process of writing.

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