Help Wanted!
Soham Dutta

Hi Soham.

Listening to music could help you to calm anxiety and find serenity.

Maybe you’re putting too much attention in other voices and pressure on yourself because of that.

Just forget about others. Stop comparing your work to someone else’s.

Focus on you, on writing. Just do it and ship it out. Put your work in front of the people.

Do not forget: Art is never finished. Give up on perfectionism and fall in love with the work, with the process of making Art.

Write about your struggle to find inspiration, about your exploration journey; put your feelings into words, ask questions, try answers, makelists, connect the dots; express your fears, emotions; free your anger or discomfort, whatever it is.

Take words as a therapy for that things you find difficult to deal with.

Writing sometimes is hard, you must keep going deep inside you, where your voice comes from, and where your spirit lives. Let it be.

Music I like to hear when I’m feeling blue, here: (spanish site. I am Latin girl)

Hope it helps you.