The creative agency IDEW MEDIA BELARUS has developed presentation materials for the Industrial Park Great Stone


To develop presentation materials for potential residents of the park in Russian, English and German. Briefly, but succinctly, to tell about the benefits of doing business in the park


Printed products, Internet

The China-Belarus industrial park is a territorial entity with the area of 112,5 sq. km with a special legal status conducive to doing business. The advantageous territorial location is due to the close proximity to the international airport, railway lines, the Berlin-Moscow transnational highway and access to the port of Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea coast at a distance of 500 km. Proximity to the capital of Belarus — Minsk (population — 1.9 million, students — 450000 people, located at a distance of 25 km from the park) and capital town-satellite Smolevichi (population is 15000 people, located at a distance of 15 km from the park) contributes to providing the park with professional staffs. Woodlands, reservoir, nature reserve with unique species of animals and birds, high groundwater standards create an impeccable ecological complex of the park.

All these advantages are reflected in the promotional materials in the form of infographics.

The consolidated table allows you to fully familiarize yourself with tax and customs preferences for residents of the Park (in comparison for non-residents).

Infographics adapt well to different media, not only printed, but also web.


Client: Industrial Park Great Stone

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