Bookstore satisfies hunger

As the Spring Semester nears its end the bookstore is decorated with graduation displays and memorabilia for the soon to be graduates to buy.

However it is everyday necesities like food, water, and the required scantron that brings students into the bookstore on a daily basis.

During the later part of the school day at almost 4 p.m. the campus Bookstore was almost empty.

There was one employee at the register, three students looking for supplies rushing to get to class and two students siting on the floor enjoying the quiet airconditioning the Bookstore provides.

Kaylyn James, Liberal Arts major, choose to spend her money and time at the bookstore instead of the Student Center.

Although the Student Center holds a variety of food like Subway, Burdog and The Bowl James chose the bookstore.

She said when she is hungry she goes to the bookstore, “I usually get Lemon Lay’s and a Brisk drink.”

She chooses the bookstore over the other food places on campus because it is, “way cheeper.”

Kinesiology major, Kimberiy Olivas agreed with James and said, “I came in here [the bookstore] to get some food too because I was hungry.”

Olivas added that she preferes the Bookstore over the Elbow Room because she feels that, “there are more choices here, and the people are much nicer here than they are at the two other stores.”

She commonly buys water and Hot Cheetos from the Bookstore.

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