Cellphones: Visual communication

Photographers and non-photographers welcome to the age of artistic visual messaging. If like me you are old enough to remember the transition from phone calls to text messages then you are living in an era of deja vu, and living the transition from simple text messages to the age of video messages and photo apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

For photographers the cellphone is a new tool to capture daily art. Or the spontaneous moment that would be gone by the time they reached for the digital camera sitting somewhere further away than in their pocket.

There are two things that I look for and research when purchasing a cellphone, one is how much does it cost and how good is the camera.

In the end I chose the one that gives me the best camera for a reasonable price (and by reasonable I mean cheaper than the competition for similar specs).

With Snapchat, Instagram, video calls and other similar apps cellphones are moving beyond oral and written communication into the age of visual, photographic and video communication.

A photo is worth a thousand words and sometimes it is simpler to take a photo or screenshot, than to type out a text or wait for the other person to pick up a call.

Twitter direct messaging, Instagram messaging, and apps like Snapchat which are designed to share a visual messages, are replacing and moving the younger generations toward visual communication. Data connectivity is becoming more important over drop calls, the phone camera is becoming more important than call quality.

For photographers the new or semi new lense accessories that can be used with the cellphone camera, the increased megapixel capacity on the cellphones and the manual settings that allow for the manipulation of shutter speed, ISO, and focus are key to creating art photographs and not just the pixilated images of the old point and shoot cellphone cameras.

Although photographers with knowledge of lighting and other advance features will benefit the most from the advances of the cell phone cameras, everyone benefits from being able to capture a beautiful moment and preserving it digitally.

Cellphone captures of daily beauty
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