Photographer Carlos Querea

Photographer Carlos Querea

Carlos Querea is a professional photographer. Thanks to an uncle who had a photography studio he was exposed to the art of photography. He remembers having an interest in photography as early as his years in middle school.

“One day I went to visit my uncle’s studio and asked him to teach me about photography. That’s how I took my first steps in photography.”

However, it wasn’t until Querea moved from Mexico to America that he began to formally study photography by taking photography classes and seminars.

He believes photography is an art form that allows people to express their emotions and feelings all within a single frame.

“What I like most about being a photographer is being able to express a variety of feelings and emotions with just one image.”

The challenge he faces is a decrease in public appreciation for photography as an art form.

“In this moment we’re living in we don’t see photography as an art, because of the technological advancements. For example, before one would develop his own film, we used more tools and camera adjustments. Now with the new cameras people feel like they are photographers, since all they have to do is set the camera on automatic and take a good photo without having to study.”

For Querea there is more to being a photographer than pointing the camera and pressing the shutter, photography is not only his way to make a living but a way to express his emotions and feelings and share them with everyone who sees his work.

This is a sample of Carlos Querea’s commercial photography work.
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