The truly difficult thing with showing type consistently — as I think you pointed out — is that…
Bryn Jackson

Isn’t the typography problem something we as designers should be trying to fix? I don’t see it as strictly a programming issue. Settling on choosing one platform and making adjustments for the others feels like a shortsighted way of looking at this problem. We should be building design tools that work across platforms while also pushing platforms to find a unified system. Typography is one of (if not the) most important element in an interface. The fact that there are so many issues using typography is a huge problem, in my opinion.

BTW, none of the things I mention in this article have quick/easy solutions. Just trying to get some of these problems out in the wild for us to discuss. Hopefully with time we can get to a better place 🙂

I think I’m going to the Figma event next Thursday. Let’s chat then!

Aww… I liked the Apple tool so much better when it shared my name 😋

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