7 reasons why you should keep your old smartphone

If you are considering to change your current phone for a new one, because you want more storage or a better camera, think it twice. Keeping your old phone may have some advantages for you.

1. It will make you more productive

Keeping your old, smartphone means you will need to stop having so many apps installed in it, the ones that make it slow down and drain your battery, you will choose the most useful ones for you, and you will use them when it is strictly necessary . Usually the heavy apps are the social networks and videogames; if you don’t have them you can’t use them too much and it will help you stop procrastinating. If you used your phone for job-related activities, you will need to do them only on the computer at work, and that makes you stop doing your job activities out of the office.

2. You will pay more attention to real life

As previously mentioned, having only the necessary apps makes you stop checking your phone all the time, you can see what real life is around you, as you did when you were a child, and living good moments such as having a good chat with your friends without distractions or watching the shapes the clouds have today.

3. You will save money

Smartphones nowadays are still quite expensive. If you keep your current phone, which still works for calling and text messaging, you will save some money that you can invest later in a more fulfilling activity, like a short weekend trip to that place that helps you relax.

4. You will help saving the planet

Changing your gadgets frequently is contributing to the planned obsolescence culture that some companies try to get us used to. That means more garbage, and electronic waste is very harmful for the environment. Keep your phone some time more, that may help make a little difference for the planet.

5. No one will use it but you.

There is a time when your friend or relative asks you if they can use your phone to make a photo or checking something on the internet, and you feel uneasy when you notice they start checking your photos. With an old phone their interest in using your device is reduced considerably.

6. Let the others use their awesome phones

Imagine you go to a concert with some friends, and those peoples have better smartphones than yours. Instead of feeling outdated or jealous, let them show off, let them be the ones who take the photos, who make the videos, while you enjoy the moment with your eyes, and ask them to send you the pictures later on.

7. There are always other options for those “advantages” of the new smartphones.

The things they offer you as innovations of a new phone are always replaceable. Why having so much storage for music if you listen to the same songs most of the time or you can be surprised with a random list by your local radio? Why having some more megapixels when you aon? Why watching a movie in a small screen when you can enjoy it in a cinema or on your TV at home? Why having a videochat with your friends when you can visit them? There is always another option, we had them 15 years ago we can still use them.

There are many other advantages (and disadvantages) of keeping an old smartphone. But if it still works properly, why would you change it? Don’t let media and people make you spend your money in stuff you don’t actually need. Think it twice.

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