If you are not growing, you are dying a mindless death. My first time in Europe all was going splendid until moments ago when life reminded me that no matter how far we are from home.. pain, joy, and uncertainty will follow. This is why it is pertinent to handle your affairs while you are most present rather than reflecting, than regretting what you wish was done.

True Pain

can only be inflicted from those closest to our hearts, the ones we care for the most. Metaphysical terror will haunt our soul as we watch family mistreat the greatest gift we SHOULD all be grateful for, but often neglect, LIFE. One in four hundred trillion. That is the odds of a human being conceived, though we often view our blessings as an expectation because we deserve to be here. In fact, we’ve earned the right to be born simply because we go to work for eight to twelve hours a day slaving for the dreams of our employer. We earn a paycheck and trade our precious time for meaningless dollars as we work towards retirement, yet another form of systemic slavery living the lives of a “dead man walking”. …


San Diego, California

has an ethnic area designed around the culture of India with a variety of cuisines & a pale attempt at creating an authentic experience of cultural diffusion, most likely because of the 8,900 miles [14,277 km] between coordinates. …

Healing House: Chiang Mai, Thailand | Christmas

has already come to a close?! Where did the year go? This was by far the most focused year I’ve had, with divine clarity walking into the current year. vonI’m proud to admit this year wasn’t poised around alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, or the traditional “American Way.” Neither was I in church supporting a religion that isn’t mine to praise, instead, I spent time alone. On the eve of the New Year, I chose to edit film at a pool hall from my first open mic performance about ‘Perception Vs Reality’ and how discipline is self-love. Before heading home by 8 P.M. I avoided being hustled by the veterans and played pool without gambling for odd possessions, this was a big win and an improvement to not let ego decide my fate. …

Pernell Bobby

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