Think well. Do well. Live better.

You see, if your mind CAN conceive it, AND your heart can believe it. THEN you can and shall achieve it. I’ve always believed in this quote, in fact it’s the sole ink imprinted onto my left pectoral. I was young yet I never hesitated and quickly understood that this was the one piece I would have printed on me until I was granted a more graceful form of wisdom.

Absolute Wisdom.

And that is to think well, do well and actually live better. Imagine yourself fully blossomed, completely transformed from the shy caterpillar you once were. Imagine it was as simple as beginning your day with a “YES!” Rising with your mind completely free from society’s shackles to seize the day. Seize the day simply because you can when you will yourself to do so.

Often time we neglect the progress of a baby step not realizing that there isn’t a “good” or “bad” decision. There is only a decision to be made without the fear of judgment.

The first step is to free the mind of all impurities and rid negativity from your conscious. This will open the pathway to unforeseen opportunities and a chance to be humbled by life’s gift. Now you can think well.

Next, act upon your thoughts without conviction and trust the process. Understand that when you’re passionate with strict principles and moral then your fearlessness will know no bounds. Be fearless and put your mind at rest with the absolute sovereignty to do well.

This recipe will ultimately promote your well-being. Identifying your self-characteristics through thought and action will reveal strengths and weaknesses. With a properly designed plan, and committment to transcendence, all that’s left is to market yourself by creating opportunities.

Live Better.


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