What I’ve learned for decreasing Magento cart abandonment — a 5-day crash course

Magento Cart Abandonment — Email Crash Course

The cart abandonment event in online stores is when a customer places an item / items in their shopping cart but does not finish the order. It happens with almost 70% of the customers. It is estimated to amount close to $31 million worth of potential sales (worldwide).

As this event occurs at the last stage of the customer journey and is very close to the point of adding up additional revenue, it hides a big potential for your online store growth.

(Check out exactly how much in this calculator.)

There might be different reasons for people to abandon their cart online — any external distraction, disappointment from the shopping experience with unclear steps, impersonal communication, lack of help while placing an order, etc.

How to Overcome the Obstacles and Win Back the Potential Revenue?

Divide your efforts into 3 stages:

  • Preventive actions.
  • On-site triggers.
  • Follow-up campaigns.

Let’s go through them one by one!

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