the censorial environment we now know — the graduation season of keynote speaker disinvitations, PR…
Kady M.

Higher education doesn’t force people into a liberal mindset. But what it does — even better than prepare people for jobs — is teach people how to think critically and make their own decisions.

Maybe you’ve done a good job of teaching your children to think critically. My parents did not. So, once I was allowed the space to learn and think for myself, I wound up discarding a lot of the viewpoints that were forced upon me in favor for the more nuanced and empathetic ones I now hold. Basically, now I’m a filthy, brainwashed leftist.

Then again, Richard Spencer also developed his, um, worldview in college. So there’s that.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that kids will eventually turn into humans which are capable of making their own thoughts and decisions. Whether they go to college or not.

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