My 28 year old son also dove head first into the left end of the pool when he was about 18.
Larry Kelly

Oh, hi again Larry. I’m a similar age to your son. It sounds like you’re describing a youthful optimism / idealism that eventually begins to give way to accepting the cold reality of our horribly broken system which emphasizes competition over cooperation. In the face of this reality, you can either dive in and try and game the system so you can come out ahead (being “right” or “experienced”), or collectively make a lot of noise in hopes of changing the system for the better (“being naive or inexperienced”).

I think people at any point of the political spectrum can agree that it sucks to pay taxes, but on the left we we’d feel much better if that money was going to infrastructure, education, healthcare, and research; rather than the military (currently over 50% of the entire federal budget!)—and more recently—to Trump’s security detail, vacation fund, and border wall initiative.

We need transportation, teachers, doctors, firemen, policemen, and scientists. Our budget does not reflect that.

And yes, we’re mad at Obama about this too. 😬

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