Perpetual Time’s Horology Expertise Maintains, Repairs, and Restores Classic Watches

Horology experts and employees in the United Kingdom is typically a small circle and many of the people working in this field are mostly members of the British Horologic Institute or BHI. The founder and managing director of Perpetual Time, Alex Photi, has trained at the BHI and is a member; he is also a fully trained and certified member of WOSTEP or the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training Education Program.

According to Perpetual Time Reviews, Alex Photi’s training at WOSTEP was very comprehensive and ran for ten years; he has received excellent training in watch servicing, repairing, and restoring classic and iconic Swiss watches. He is a member of the British Watch & Clock Makers Guild consisting of professional clock and watch manufacturers, restorers, conservators, repairers, watch wholesalers and employees. This institution is perfect to advertise his much sought-after skills, and his name is now known to most watch connoisseurs, collectors, etc., who have classic Swiss watches at home.

Maintaining the science of making watches which measure time is what horology is all about, and it is relevant today as it was when clocks were first invented. Perpetual Time Reviews have praised the commitment of Alex Photi for watches, and how he ensures that each and every piece that comes through Perpetual Time’s workshop goes back close to its original condition. During its time in their hands, the watch is lovingly and carefully stripped of all mechanical parts, cleaned and greased to ensure smooth running, worn out parts replaced, polishing done of worn out bracelets, dials, and bezels. The detailing work done on some of the older and not well-cared for watch models is so good that the finished product looks like a new model.

Classic Swiss watches like Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Baume & Mercier, and Tag Heuer, to name a few, have been constantly restored, serviced, and cleaner as per Perpetual Time Reviews. The difference in crowns and bezels that have been hand-polished and cleaned from what was brought in is sometimes unbelievable. The quality of work is excellent and is reinforced by the fact that more new clients are lining up every day to send in their classic watches for restoration and refurbishment to Perpetual Time. Using high quality tools and staff with similar passion for antique classic Swiss watches, Alex Photi’s has been hailed as a pioneer in the watch repair and restoration business.

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