Points to Ponder When Sending Your Antique Classic Watches for Service/Repair

It might not be apparent to many people, but antique classic watches, coins, classic cars, and jewellery are some of the few items to really appreciate in value, especially over a period of 10 years or more. This is why there is such a demand for classic watches by connoisseurs, collectors, and investors alike, but keeping an antique timepiece in good condition can only be done by a select few.

Perpetual Time is a workshop run from Manchester by Alex Photi, a Swiss and British trained specialist with an impeccable background in watchmaking, repairing, and restoring classic watches. Since he has set up shop, Perpetual Time Reviews have noted that the number of people who have been using his services to service and repair their watches have risen tremendously. He is now thinking of finding bigger premises to cater to the demand. The other alternative to get a classic Swiss watch serviced is to send it to its representatives in the United Kingdom; they are definitely more expensive and may take many weeks before the watch is returned.

Perpetual Time Reviews have many clients who have raved about the quick turnaround of their watches that have come in for service and/or repair. Even antique classic watches have been given the right amount of love during repair and restoration, ensuring that it still retains some of its antique feel and look. Collectors sometimes are very choosy about too much polishing of the bezel, case, glass, and other parts during restoring; they feel that this makes it loose some of its character. At Perpetual Time, the experts working under Alex Photi know exactly how much attention to detail is needed to keep the watch working perfectly without affecting its aesthetic looks.

Sending in a classic antique Swiss watch to Perpetual Time for repairs, regular service or restoration gives the owner an estimate of how much it might cost them and the time it may take for the watch to be returned. This gives the client the opportunity to either go in or cancel the work order. This is one of the points that many customers have made in Perpetual Time Reviews over the years that they have been in business. They have the capability to repair and service most of the classic Swiss and other makes of watches, but are experts in repairs of Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, etc.

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