Compilation of Stories on the Comey Firing

Comey Firing:

General Timeline:

5/10/17: NYT behind the scenes of the firing:

5/10/17: Politico behind the scenes of the firing:

5/10/17: Wapo behind the scenes of the firing:

5/10/17: WH trying to explain firing (this is the Spicy in the bushes story):

5/10/17: NYT WH in aftermath of the firing:

5/11/17: Politico WH in aftermath of the firing:

5/10/17: Dep. AG Rosenstein letter:

5/11/17: Rosenstein threatens to resign/Rosenstein’s role:

5/11/17: McCabe testimony to Senate Intel Committee:

5/11/17: Trump Lester Holt interview:

5/11/17: Trump publically contradicts WH story:

5/12/17: Trump asked Comey for “loyalty” at dinner in Feb.:

5/12/17: Trump tweets warning Comey he has “tapes” of their conversations:

5/12/17: How Trump’s ever-changing story is playing on the Hill:

5/12/17: Overview WH Contradictions:

5/12/17: NYT Comey’s Replacement:

5/13/17: WaPo Comey’s Replacement:

Russia Investigations:

5/10/17: WSJ Report on extent of Russia Probe:

5/10/17: Comey asked for more resources:

5/10/17: FBI Investigation/Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued:

5/11/17: Senate Investigation/Flynn Subpoenas:

5/12/17: Senate Investigation requests Treasury Dept. records:

5/10/17: Trump meeting w/ Lavrov:

Spicy getting fired?:




Some other pieces I liked: