Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Some percentage of trump voters (perhaps even a very large percentage) voted because of race, hatred, and for the other similar things in their deplorables bag. Forget them. The Dems aren’t looking to appeal to them, nor should they.

Some other percentage of trump voters voted for single issue self-interest. They voted for a tax cut, or a health insurance premium reduction, or a Supreme Court Justice that will overturn roe v. wade. It doesn’t matter whether they get these things. What matters is that they are willing to stake the whole election on it. Nothing much else matters to them. Not your dark skin, not your immigration status, not your human rights. To them, those things are none of their business as long they get theirs and their zero sum world remains unperturbed. The Dems can appeal to a few of these people but probably not many. People voting out of single issue self-interest at all costs can’t possibly be counted on to be good citizens and in league with justice and fairness, because they can be bought off too easily. Btw, this bag of deplorables exist in both parties.

But the rest of the trump voters — the ones that have been battered by economic winds, lost everything until they finally lost hope, and made a fatal, uneducated error from fear and poor judgment — they can be persuaded. They voted for Obama twice and they will vote Dem again but they need a reason.

This perfect storm of an election was lost by a hair, by the most unpopular candidate this party has fielded in my lifetime. Only a sliver of voters need to be moved for victory. This last group has enough votes for that and then some! Democrats had to show them that their futures and their children’s futures depended on it. And in order to make longterm changes, they will need to show them that only a sustained, multi-election effort will move the needle in the right direction. In this election, they failed to do so.

It’s that simple. Making it all about race, taking your ball and going home, that’s just not going to cut it. Time for a good read.