Richard Spencer is essentially the white equivalent to Ta-Nehisi Coates.
Paul Frantizek

I view this as a third party observer, and I look for the over-arching messages that society is signalling to us. The Kurds want their own place to call home, many American blacks are similarly fed up with their white brethren. The Japanese and Koreans enjoy their racial purity. Many Africans like living in their home African nation as opposed to other African nations.

The big picture is that people want to live in a culture that they identify with, that makes them feel comfortable. If we deny them this, what kind of civilization are we?

The races exist because multiculturalism ALWAYS results in genocide of one sort or another. There is nothing unique about humans today. We have many modern examples of this happening. Hutus and Tutsis slaughtered one another with machetes, all based upon the shape of a nose. World War 2 happened because of the desire for racial purity, even among white sects.

This matter is more significant, and deeper, than most people realize. We should treat it somberly, soberly, and with great respect. The wrong answer, even if it pleases our 2017 eyes and ears, leads to the death of millions of our grand kids.

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