The Loony Left (or the Loony Right)

Author’s Note: This story is told from the perspective of someone on the right, but if you are on the left, you can just as easily substitute your own stereotypes and still understand the true message.

The left has gone beyond bonkers now. They have devolved into vicious violent masses that seemingly demand extermination. How has this come to pass?

It has been a process. The process was a series of failures of policy demands coming from statists in the deep state the world-over. Governments around the world, but especially western governments, have spent themselves almost to ruin. Third-world governments have never known anything but ruinous debt, so their situation is as it always has been. The problem today is that the interest service on the debt has begun to take ever increasingly large slices out of the revenue stream, while taxes are just about as high as people will tolerate.

The solutions offered on the left have been rejected. What solutions, you might ask?

Well, the European Union’s central currency solution is one solution, along with the morass of regulations forcing all countries in the EU to behave like cookie-cutter copies of one another. This has failed, and many states are bristling at the humiliations that are being forced on them.

Another solution was to demand that western nations take in vast swaths of third world refugees. The increase in population counts makes everything look better on paper. Government accounting offices get to predict vast new productivity in the near future as these refugees become a part of productive society. The massive Mexican and Central American immigrants coming into the USA allowed social security officials a little breathing room, and few more decades, before the Ponzi scheme collapses.

One solution, embraced by everyone, is probably the deadliest of them all. Worldwide interest rates have been pegged at ridiculously- low rates for a decade now. This hides the government debt service costs, as long as these rates can be held down. This is causing invisible damage to the core of economies around the world. Mal-investment makes unemployment rates look better, but society is building things that they will find they simply do not need. This wasted investment will be lost forever, because we cannot back up the clock and retrieve all of that wasted labor and put it to proper use. An example of this is solar cell manufacturing. There presently is a glut of manufacturing capacity, caused by cheap interest rates and the desire to give people jobs. Solar panels are being sold almost at the cost required to manufacture and ship them, now. The depreciation of the manufacturing plants is not even being rolled into the cost. This is happening in many industries, although not all. These factories are destined to be empty for the next 50 years, once the bottom drops out and the world economy corrects to the proper normal. The net effect of this is that we all feel like things are pretty good, but we are like passengers on the Titanic. We feel safe, everyone is telling us we are safe, but this ship is sinking and a few behind the scenes are fully-aware of it. They know this, and that is why they are taking the actions they are taking.

Global warming is yet another of the tricks being employed to grab more money. Now, I am not saying global warming is or is not happened. My own personal take is that we just don’t know, because the computer models are predicting things that simply aren’t happened. There has been a 20 year lull in the actual planetary temperatures, but the models predicted something much different. I’m not spending time here debating Climate Change, and I won’t in the comments, either. That is an entirely different blog posting. The reason I bring it up is because Climate Change has been used as an excuse to grab more income.

Yet another tactic tried was more diversionary in nature. The constant racial division tactic serves to keep the public focused in the other direction from where the true action is taking place. The riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, DC, Berkely, and many others, keep the public’s eyes off the game ball.

The activists on the left have been called out to protest for each of these instances. They have cried for government to do something about global warming, to stop racism, to halt carbon emissions, to halt the break-up of the EU, to maintain Greek pensions, to let in refugees, to destroy statues, and the list seems to be endless. And it is. The left can make up any excuse, and send out thousands of rioters and millions of bloggers to decry whatever the insult du-jour is.

The activists, however, are exhausted. Every cause they lock arms for gets shot down. There has been no satisfaction. The high-pitched emotion of the rioters has brought a very large number of emotionally unfit people into the streets. The vast majority of Antifa members are on dangerous amounts of anti-depressants. Read the warning labels for the M&M’s of the eternally depressed or eternally manic or bipolar, and you’ll see the code-words for violence over and over. Splash a little autism spectrum and schizophrenia in, and the cocktail is complete. The only thing left is to hand out signs and sticks and you have an insta-riot created out of an small army of zombies who literally have no idea what they are doing there. They merely know they are angry, and it has to be somebody’s fault.

It’s an incredibly cruel game to play, but, you see, the power brokers in the deep state are not mentally well, either. They, in large numbers, suffer their own mental illness. They are composed mainly of sociopaths and psychopaths. These people have no empathy or sense of remorse. They enjoy this game they are playing. It amuses them.

If you feel like the world has gone mad, you are not the insane one here. The world has indeed gone mad. Or, at least everyone in charge and all of the actors on TV each night are indeed clinically bonkers, with a DSM entry reserved for each and every one of them.

You might wonder to yourself “Why doesn’t the media pick up on this and tell us and explain it all to us?”. The reason is simple. The media are well aware of what is going on. They are making a ton of money broadcasting all the theatrics and hysteria everywhere. One does not kill and eat his prize bull, he breeds him. The media is fomenting these stories for money. City governments are encouraging mass mayhem because it gives them an excuse to demand larger budgets and larger taxes. States are caught in the middle. The federal government loves what is happening, because it causes the population to demand more federal government, more laws, more lawyers, more juries, more supreme court cases.

Everyone wins at this game, except you and I.

Even if you aren’t a member of the crazies tearing our society apart, you can benefit from this craziness. I will leave that to another article sometime in the near future, assuming Kim Jung Un doesn’t incinerate me.

Godspeed, good American.

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