Intelligent Americans are not afraid of Trump’s followers.
Kathy Scavone Palumbo

There is no need to be afraid of Trump followers. They are not violent, not even slightly. But it is a really bad idea to break windows, smash cars, and block freeways. Do that, and it will not be Trump followers that throw you in jail. It will be the police, the national guard, or some other law enforcement organization. This is not a war of left versus right. It is a war of government establishment versus the masses. The establishment are the democrats and republicans, who all wish to beat Trump, so that they can resume their corrupt crony-capitalist state. Sorry you didn’t like my use of the “r-word” (I think you may have misread my meaning, by the way), but if you spend any time in a major northeastern city, you will quickly find that the citizens there hold highly cartoonish caricatures of rural people, and even more cartoonish viewpoints of southerners. It’s all hilarious until the shooting starts. I’ve lived in both the country and the city, believe me the urbanites are by far the weaker and more needy, and are MUCH more dependent. Shut off transportation arteries, and the cities decay into disaster zones within a few days. The non-urban areas won’t even notice anything had even happened.

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