Sorry this does not qualify as a miracle from the God of the Bible…All of this was nature.
Richard James Peltier

“ This writer knows nothing about God”

Sir, I do not think that you are authorized to judge me. You can try, but all it does is speak about yourself. God alone judges me, and I am sure I have far too many sins to account for, someday. Nevertheless, you are correct — I know nothing about God. My knowledge of God is so overwhelmingly deficient that I struggle to learn more, only to discover that the more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.

My assumption (belief) is that everything was created by God, including “nature”. By your stringent requirement of a miracle, even Noah and the flood consisted of nothing more than nature, the arc, a mere buoyant object that some animals and men floated on in a water of density X. People who have studied science and nature in depth often come to the conclusion that there is an underlying purpose, or driver, for everything that we observe. This is not irrational, it is rational. Miracles are things that exist beyond belief. They exist all around us at all times, it is up to us to see them. Mankind learns of new black swan events quite regularly these days. Things that everyone were sure could not possibly exist, but turn out to be quite usual. I choose to see miracles even in the lives lived that were snuffed out by the waters, too (which I did not discuss simply because it is too painful for most of us to think about). These people are not to be discounted, just because they did not survive. They live in our hearts forever. Their contributions down here on the firmament remain, even after they have left us. I hope to meet them, someday.

I maintain that the great storm of 1900, which exterminated almost every living thing on Galveston, is the normal “natural” outcome, and that everything we have accomplished today, levees, retention ponds, weather radar, highways, automobiles, television, computers, the internet, air conditioning, electricity,cell phones, and even airplanes that do occasionally fall out of the sky, is the miracle that creates a superior outcome for us today. These things were our “arc”. I thank God for all of these things. Yes, they are tangible worldly things, but we used them for a greater good — saving millions of humans from great suffering. Texas’ fig tree was found to not be barren after-all, given a little tending.

Many people in 30 A.D. refused to believe in miracles, as well, even as they witnessed them first-hand. Are you absolutely certain that this was not a miracle from God?

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