Painting beyond Exterior and Interior

Business owners, homeowners, and property managers will have no problem finding Aurora painters to do the ordinary interior and exterior painting projects. They will change the color, re-apply the same color, and make suggestions for accent colors if the customer desires. The results will make the building or rooms look brighter, bigger, and cleaner. That is fine, unless the goal is to stand out and capture attention.


Building owners and property managers who want something extraordinary will find many unique solutions at a family owned painting company that offers both the regular professional painting and more. Specialty painting includes murals, wood burning, illustrations, water colors, and oil paintings. These projects can be done to specifications, or have Professional painters custom design a work of art based on ideas or preferences expressed by the owner. The side of the storage shed, the front entrance, the hallway, the finished basement, or anywhere else is possible to paint to bring that “wow” factor to the project.

Repairs and Removals

In most cases, owners have to find a contractor to make any necessary repairs to the dry wall, stucco finish, or trims before the painters arrive. This company will complete those repairs and then commence with the painting process. Tired of looking at the popcorn ceiling? Removal of popcorn ceilings that are asbestos-free is no problem for these painters. Statue restoration is also in their available services.

Safe Parking Lots

There is no need to hire a paving company to paint stripes and stencils onto the parking lot surface. Yes, they do that as well. Since the company is family owned and operated, painters live in the same communities as customers.

It stands to reason they want parking lots to be safe and organized. Providing that service to business owners who hire them to do the regular interior and exterior painting saves owners time and money. It also exemplifies the commitment to customer service.

What Else?

Power washing is offered. It is often needed before exterior painting can begin. Instead of finding someone to get that done, it can be added to the project. Branding sign painting is another service available. Discussing the desired outcomes with the owner, attention to detail, and the styling that only comes from a personal touch are not elements that can be included in mail order signs where the logo or brand is uploaded.

Get everything done by one company to save time, stress, and hassle is ideal. Getting specialty services done as well is perfect. Go to the website for complete details on services, and schedule an in-home estimate to get projects started.