How Similar Is Kevin Durant To A Financial Concept?

One of the most elite players in the NBA is strikingly similar to a variety of financial concepts. In particular the concept that draws an interesting comparison is the idea of a business or stock generating an absolute return.

Absolute return is an important measure to investors. This return is the increase in value that an asset achieves over a specific time period. A positive absolute return is not guaranteed for an investor which makes it critical for investors to research assets before they invest in them.

If we were to calculate the absolute return that Kevin Durant has created for the Golden State Warriors the percentage of return would be off the charts. During the offseason a few years ago, the entire world knew Durant was looking to sign with another team. Because of his incredible career thus far, the Warriors were aware that Durant could immediately provide value for the team because of his dynamic skill set and work ethic. The Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals because of the absolute return that Durant has provided to the franchise over the course of the season. As long as Durant remains healthy and happy with the team, he will most likely continue creating a positive absolute return for the Warriors.

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