Perry Mandera, The Illinois Philanthropist That Is Moving the Hearts of Chicago Teens

Most people in the Chicago area think of philanthropy, success and dedication when they hear Perry Mandera’s name. He is the owner of a well-known transportation business called The Custom Companies Inc. In addition to participating in charity work, he encourages others to give. Perry worked hard to build a workplace culture of giving at The Custom Companies, and employees on every level emanate the culture today. Many people in the area keep up with Perry’s charity work by reading his blog.

Meet Philanthropist And Entrepreneur Perry Mandera

In 1975, Perry Mandera finished high school and joined the Marines. While he served his country, he worked in logistics. He developed skills for working with heavy pieces of equipment, and he was responsible for arranging transportation for operations. After being honorably discharged, Perry returned to life as a civilian and cultivated his interest in the transportation industry. He planned his own logistics company and became a successful business owner by the time he turned 25. Perry Mandera used his innovation and skills to make his company grow. Today, he is passionate about maintaining The Custom Companies Inc. and continuing his charity work. He is so passionate about charity that he made a branch of his company specifically for that purpose. Perry is also a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association. This is not Perry’s first role that reflects his desire for effecting change. In the 1980s, he was a Republican Ward Committeeman. He is passionate about his state and his community.

Over the years, Perry Mandera received many distinctions and awards. The Illinois Trucking Association listed him as one of the top 100 American transportation executives, and he received the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year Award. He also received a distinguished executive award from the Italian American Executives of Transportation. The Custom Companies Inc. received the Pat Summerall Award, which is a distinction for being an industry leader. Also, Perry’s company is one of only 270 businesses that holds the ISO certification in its industry.

Since he likes to help disadvantaged children, Perry is also a board member for the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. It is an organization that hosts many fundraisers, holiday giving programs and other events. Perry’s personal donations to charities are important to him, and he makes his own contributions in addition to the ones that his company’s charitable organization makes. When Perry donates money, he picks organizations that reflect his values. This is why he gives money to the University of Chicago Medical Center, Catholic Charities USA and the Lynn Sage Foundation. Perry’s donations are not always monetary. In the past, he helped collect thousands of coats throughout the Chicago area to distribute to local needy adults and children. Perry is especially passionate about the winter holiday season since Christmas is his favorite time of year. He always donates plenty of money and goods to ensure that families across the Chicago area can enjoy a nice Christmas with gifts and food but without as many financial worries.

Although much of his help is financial, Perry also helps children by mentoring and coaching them. He served as a volunteer coach for children’s basketball, baseball and football teams. In addition to this, he sponsors many youth sports teams in the state. Perry’s church is also important to him, and he provides financial and physical help to perpetuate the activities of his parish. When he is not busy working or helping other people, Perry enjoys spending time with his family. Perry Mandera is also conscientious about his health and believes in taking good care of himself so he can be more helpful to others. He eats healthy foods and works out regularly.

Perry Mandera’s Work With Mercy Home For Boys And Girls

The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls was established under a different name in 1887. It was founded by several priests who were concerned about the growing population of homeless male teens on the streets. With a collaborative effort from some local residents, the priests started a home for the boys. It was originally located in an old library building. However, the home moved to its current location soon after that and expanded over the years. In 1919, the home established several vocational programs for the residents. When the country faced financial struggles in the 1930s, the home survived and adopted a sports program. Under new leadership in the 1970s, the home’s reach grew significantly and spanned the entire city. Chicago’s drug problem grew in the 1980s, and the home responded by developing a program to track the success of its residents after they left the home. To mark its centennial anniversary, the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls expanded physically. Today, there are several campuses throughout Chicago. More than 300,000 young people have been helped by the organization over the years. Troubled teens have access to healthy extracurricular activities, educational support and living support. Additionally, the home has one facility for transitional housing.

Sine the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls maintains its reputation for helping troubled teens, Perry gladly gives money to it regularly. Perry agrees with psychologists that the basic needs of children must be met before they can succeed. This is one of the main reasons why he is one of the organization’s biggest supporters. Perry also believes that children need wise mentors who they respect and trust. In early 2018, Perry proudly supported a special environmental project for the home’s Hay Campus. Volunteers and residents came to the event to help with gardening. It was cosponsored by AkzoNobel, which is a paint company. The organizations called the collaborative event Green Thumbs for a Greener World. Participants rejuvenated the gardening areas before they planted vegetables and flowers.

As a representative of AkzoNobel, Alison Kalantzis called the project an attempt to help the organization reduce its carbon footprint. AkzoNobel works hard to instill principles of environmental responsibility in young people today. Alison said that sustainability requires self-sufficiency. Gardening events provide plenty of opportunities for environmental education and are good for bringing people together. Since today’s younger people spend a lot of time using electronics and less time outdoors, the organization enjoys teaching them valuable skills. AkzoNobel hopes to help younger people become passionate about social responsibility, green living and community support.

Perry Mandera Supports Responsibility Among Teens

Perry likes to tell people about how the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls was started, to help keep troubled and homeless teens off the streets. Today, the city is much larger and faces problems such as drugs, poverty and high violent crime rates. Perry Mandera wants residents to understand how teens get involved in crime and why some disadvantaged teens turn to a bad lifestyle. In addition to supporting initiatives that provide safety and stability for troubled youth, Perry believes in supporting anti-crime measures. He wants police and law enforcement agencies to be able to help teens avoid a lifelong cycle of crime.

There are several causes that rehabilitate criminals and fight crime in the Chicago area and throughout the state of Illinois. Perry supports several of these organizations. He supports the Illinois State Crime Commission and its collaborative work with the Police Athletic League. Their goal is to reduce juvenile delinquency rates and juvenile recidivism in detention centers. Also, the organization promotes measures to build good relationships between police officers and younger community members in disadvantaged areas. Perry received the Bishop Sheil Award from the ISCC in 2010. One year later, he received the organization’s Citizen of the Year Award.

The ISCC also facilitates several learning initiatives in Chicago. It hosts training events for local law enforcement agencies. There are seminars about drugs, gang violence, drunk driving and other important topics. It has been involved in several legislative measures to reduce crime as well. In addition to its seminars and training for law enforcement, the organization hosts seminars and events to educate community members about local problems. There are also training events for law enforcement agencies to help them improve their event management, security, martial arts, weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills. Perry is a vocal advocate of the organization since he wants to see community members develop a better understanding of the unique problems that impoverished teens face in Chicago.

Perry Mandera’s Successful Business

The Custom Companies Inc. works with everything from small startups to Fortune 500 companies and boasts an annual sales revenue that is more than $200 million. It has been around for more than three decades and has established itself as an industry leader. Perry has a clear vision for the business and sets attainable long-term goals for his team members. With his innovation and the team’s hard work, the company continues to grow each year. Although it is based in Northlake, Illinois, it has an office in California and several other small locations in the United States. Perry is always happy when the company expands and offers more jobs to Americans. There are frequent truck driver positions open in various cities. The Custom Companies Inc. has a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles, which is a drastic change since its early days when it only had two trucks and a few workers. The company has hundreds of workers in the United States. Perry used the same in-depth strategies and rigorous standards that he used in the Marines to make his transportation business powerful and successful.

Perry worked hard to build a company culture of giving and mutual respect. The company strives to meet the needs of its clients with customized and personal service. It provides 50-state LTL, international and domestic freight, dedicated contract cartage, direct mail distribution, intermodal services, logistics management, local cartage, expedited ground shipping, nationwide partial or full truckload services and several other services. The Custom Companies Inc. has a variety of vehicles such as dry vans, temperature-controlled trucks, flat-bed trucks and several others. When the company gains a new client, it makes the client’s goals its own goals as well. Perry makes sure that workers see each client relationship as a partnership. Customer requests are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

The Custom Companies Inc. has the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is not an easy credential to earn. Perry’s vision for the company involves customers getting what they need when they need it. This is a priority whether the client needs a regular shipment quicker during the week or a last-minute delivery before a major holiday. Perry uses the teamwork strategies that he learned in the Marines to help his team members work together and provide optimal service to clients. Since the company is dedicated to accuracy, it places a high importance on making sure that order information is thorough and that shipping information is correct. There is a set of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, which is critical for client satisfaction and loyalty. When customers review The Custom Companies Inc., they often applaud its excellent teamwork and accuracy. This helps the company maintain its position of leadership in the logistics industry.

The Custom Companies Inc. welcomes the feedback of clients. To prove this, the company designed its website entirely from customer recommendations. has several useful features that improve the client experience and promote efficiency. Although most companies make marketing and SEO top priorities for site content creation, Perry’s top concern is how useful the site is to clients. This is why his company’s site offers benefits such as fast quotes, real-time tracking for every shipment, online reporting, accounting and analytical tools. The site provides information about all sizes and types of shipments.

In his blog, Perry wrote about three of the company’s innovative technologies. One of the reasons why the company’s shipping information is always available and updated is because of the Cheetah Dispatch technology. The software program gives each driver access to schedules, pickup times, delivery documents and other critical information. All drivers carry a connected tablet when they drive. With this program, the tracking information is always detailed and reliable. This program reduces the amount of updating work and other time-intensive tasks that would otherwise be required to issue shipment updates. The company’s Warehouse Management System is a program that gives clients the ability to track their own inventory, and they can easily see each step of the shipping process from the time of departure until the time of delivery. Another technology is the Dock Management System. It uses bar codes for shipments to improve accuracy. One of the company’s special divisions handles large machinery and other heavy freight items. It ships these items around the world via airlines, cargo ships and ground transportation. This part of the company is called Custom Global Logistics LLC.

Custom Cares Charities Inc.

The philanthropic arm of The Custom Companies Inc. is Custom Cares Charities Inc. It is a 501(c)(3) organization. After several devastating natural disasters, Perry started this organization to help with relief efforts. It now focuses on other causes as well. Custom Cares Charities Inc. provides the same personalized and dedicated care that The Custom Companies Inc. provides to its clients. Today, Custom Cares Charities Inc. supports several children’s welfare organizations and events. While the organization focuses mostly on Chicago residents, it provides help to organizations that serve the nation or the world. The organization is also known for its veteran support program. Since Perry served in the Marines, he is especially passionate about helping others who served the country. Custom Cares Charities Inc. supports programs that help veterans find jobs and provides initiatives to companies that hire veterans. Also, Perry is proud to employ veterans at The Custom Companies Inc.

Custom Cares Charities Inc. shares a list of every charity that it donates money to on its website. One of the company’s goals is to help people who suffer from debilitating illnesses. Since those illnesses affect not only the victims but also their families, Custom Cares Charities Inc. donates to organizations that help the entire family. Perry also donates personally to several charities that help people who struggle with long-term illnesses. Custom Cares Charities Inc. gives money to memorial funds, Christian causes such as Campus Crusades and needs-based charities. There are about 50 charities listed on the organization’s site. Some of these include the American Cancer Society, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Toys for Tots, the National MS Society and the Special Olympics.

In 2013, a tornado struck a nearby community in Illinois. Perry acted quickly, raised money and gathered supplies. Also, he purchased many items with his own money. He arranged for some trucks from his company’s fleet of vehicles to transport the supplies to victims. Perry and his company also helped victims of Hurricane Katrina after it struck. Families in Louisiana and Mississippi received supplies, and The Custom Companies Inc. sent about 40 truckloads of items to the South. Employees at The Custom Companies Inc. took time to help gather supplies and donated some of their own during that time. Perry’s company is still dedicated to helping with disaster relief efforts. It helped transport supplies to victims after the California wildfires earlier in the year. Custom Cares Charities Inc. provides supplies, money and transportation services during the winter holiday season to distribute gifts and winter necessities to Chicago residents. This is a step that is especially important to Perry since he wants all children to have enjoyable and memorable Christmases. Families across the city receive generous monetary gifts from the charity to cover the expenses of gifts or to pay their bills.

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