Drupal Module — Automatic Entity Label

Just a note about a useful Drupal module … Drupal is a powerful CMS, but it isn’t without its quirks. One of Drupal’s quirks is that — out of the box — Drupal doesn’t provide a UI for hiding the Title/Label field of its content/entities. In some contexts, the Title/Label field isn’t even explicitly presented in the admin UI that controls field display for content/entity types. There are a number site building contexts in which the ability to hide the title/label field is essential though. So, as it is with Drupal, someone in the Drupal universe wrote a module that provides this functionality. The module is called:

The automatic entity label module implements the ability to hide the title/label of a Drupal entity (content,node,form,commerce,comment, etc.), and also the ability to generate a title/label automatically based on another of Drupal’s powerful features, tokens, which are special variables that evaluate to various types of site information during content rendering.

Marilyn Perry — http://www.marilynperry.com/