3 Reasons Your Event Needs a Luxury Restroom Trailer

If you are hosting a special event such wedding, trade show, charity benefit, or corporate event, it is very important to go the extra mile and provide quality amenities for your guests. You are investing a lot of time and effort to produce nothing short of a production, and your guests are expecting to have the royal treatment. So it is imperative to include luxury restroom trailers at your event.

Everyone Deserves To Be Comfortable At Formal Events

The most important thing in any event, is that your guests are comfortable.BlackGate Restrooms have Luxury Restroom Trailers available for you, even on short notice. The beautiful granite countertops inside can be decorated with flowers and a comfort basket that includes mints and hair spray. Women will appreciate such a spacious area to freshen up in front of the beautiful mirrored areas with recessed lighting.

Each luxury restroom trailer has a multi-zone so guests are comfortable the entire time. There are many stalls available so no one is standing around waiting in line. They are stocked with plenty of fresh paper towels, toilet tissue, and liquid soap. The two sinks have hot and cold running water.

Your Guests Feel like Celebrities

Our restrooms have been compared to five-star hotels across the country. And don’t forget, we provide valet services to keep your luxury restroom trailer stocked with all the accessories. How could one not feel like a celebrity?

Make an Impression and Be Recognized All Year Round

Even in BlackGate Restrooms Trailers, your guests are left with a lasting impression. They will leave and talk about your event all year round. The impressive Corian counters and hardwood-designed floor makes guests feel as though they vacationing at a world class resort.

There is an affordable restroom trailer waiting for you here at BlackGate Restrooms.We are here to help you every step of the way. You can also visit www.blackgaterestrooms.com today to find the perfect restroom that’s fits your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us today at 0303–966-698

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