Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Season

It’s the greatest time of year! Yesterday was a great day. It finally snowed and it was Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday (after Christmas). I spent it at my cousin’s house this year with my family. After, I did some Black Friday shopping at Southdale and followed it by doing some more at Mall of America with one of my friends and her mom. I bought a hat, new pj’s, and a Pandora bracelet for my sister’s Christmas present this year. I still need to get something for my brother and parents😁 I came home around 3 this morning and my friend wanted to go to M.I.A. for the free exhibitions and treats from Agra Culture. I woke up at 720 expecting to go, but running on so little sleep, I changed my mind last minute! I felt terrible, but I needed sleep if I was going to be closing at work later.

Nephew and Niece
Yummy food!

When I awoke, I went to my cousin’s and we made wontons and ate leftovers. I went to work and came home. I’ve been debating whether or not to get me some pair of Birkenstock’s, but not sure since I’m indecisive. There’s no sales on them 😟 However, Sears does have the pair I went for $69…they just don’t have my size in stock…😡

Day after Thanksgiving Wontons

I hope you all enjoyed your break and had a wonderful holiday filled with joy. Not excited for break to be almost over. On the bright side though, the semester is almost over! I’m all registered for classes.

Unfortunately, I do have one Friday class🙄 Bummer!

Classes next semester

Update from 11/29

I decided to get my brother a Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch as his Christmas present. Got it for a great deal on Amazon today (pre-Cyber Monday deal).

I worked last night and afterwards, I went to grab some Mexican food at Andale Taqueria and Mercado (on Nicollet & 77th street by S.A.) with one of my best friends. Best authentic Mexican food ever! It was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diner’s, Drive-in’s, and Dive’s on Food Network!

Today, I also worked and it was a great day. I came home and did some homework and decided to do some upcoming homework to get it out of the way. There’s just a couple more weeks until the semester is over. I can’t believe I’m almost done with my first semester of college!! I’m so excited for winter break. Can’t wait to de-stress. Having a few days off this week makes me appreciate getting days off from school/work.

I recently applied to and got a job at the U of M’s Office of Admissions as a Call Center Representative. I plan to start working during winter break (in January of 2016). Looking forward to it and new beginnings!

*I’ll be updating this more as the week progresses.