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I feel you girl! College is becoming a lot stressful. Never give up though. Giving up is quitting and that’s for losers. I am glad you are realizing that your mental health and wellness is very important. I hope that each day you can take some time out for yourself. One thing I try to do is organize. I rank my assignments in order of difficulty. Depending on my mood, I will do the easier ones first because they might take less time. Or other times, I do the harder ones first because they take longer and I don’t want to deal with them later in the day. This helps a lot. Also, my goal is to always finish before 10PM. This is how I have been since I began high school and it still works to this day. After 10, it’s me time! My time to myself. I end up going to bed between 11:30–12. I manage to get at least 6–8 hours of sleep (sometimes even 10 — depending on when you have to get up). Try it out. …I am glad you took my advice and will be talking to some of the Hip-Hope members! Can’t wait to see your post next week. One thing you can maybe try for next time is maybe doing your entire post as a video? You could narrate the video of your week and include your interviews. This would “spice” it up and you wouldn’t have just text posts every week! I will attempt to do this also:) Don’t stress out too much. But ultimately it’s the end goal you’re achieving for — you’re hard work will pay off.

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