Memories and More

It’s gonna be a great day because everyday is a great day!

This is one of the catchy phrases two of my favorite YouTubers say on their channel: MarkE Miller

I love this phrase and it reminds me that everyday is always a great day because of the memories we make. I’m a strong believer in taking everything life has to offer and living for life’s moments and memories. Today was just a super example of this.

The day began just as any normal Thursday would begin for me. I woke up at 6:45 AM to get ready for school and catch my bus, then train. After arriving on the West Bank campus, I headed to my first class which begins at 9:05 AM: ARTS 1701 (Photography). We spent about an hour discussing our next photo project and took a class field trip to Downtown East Minneapolis. There, I captured some photos of human and natural landscapes which our next project will focus on. I left early with a friend since we had the freedom to do as we pleased. So we took the Green Line train back to East Bank and parted ways.

This time, I was off to grab some coffee at Starbucks. I had scanned a QR code on a poster in the Regis Art Center to get a $5 gift card to use earlier that morning. How sweet?! So as I made my way to Lind Hall, where there is a Starbucks, I realized that the “gift card” only worked at the Starbucks in Coffman after approaching the front of line. Bummer. So I made my way to Coffman and into the “Cube”. I waited in line for a good 10–15 minutes. Once I got to the front, the cashier was unsure about my coupon and asked a coworker who called upon the manager. Neither of them knew about this mysterious “gift card” and the manger had to make a phone call. After waiting even longer, they offered a free Venti drink. Hey, it was free anyways!

So I got my Venti Salted Caramel Mocha, hot with whip cream. I had enough time before my class which wasn’t until 1:25 PM in Folwell Hall. It was close to about 11:30 AM at this point. I decided to find a place to sit, relax, and prep for my first Skype call with my French exchange partner. After prepping in a super windy and chilly morning, I made my way to the Mall where I sat on the grass and in the sun. I Skyped my pal Maxime. We chatted on and off again in French and English for nearly an hour! He made my day at this point because he was super nice and super smiley. And so was I.

After saying our see you later’s, I went to print my essay for WRIT 1301 using the free printing I get in Appleby Hall as a PES student. Then I went to French class where I shared in excitement to my classmates about my Skype exchange. After French class, I went to WRIT 1301 and I met up with three of my friends after that class ended (at 3:45 PM).

I was looking forward to this next part of my day because first of all, I was going to get the chance to eat Chick-fil-a (since I’ve never had it up until that point). It was okay. I made my way to Dinkytown so one of my friends could get frozen yogurt. Then another friend wanted Five Guys. Now here’s where things got interesting.

There was a cute worker. I wrote a note to that that person and added my number. I’m not a shy person. But this, I’ve never done before. But I was feeling spontaneous. And I thought about stepping out of my comfort zones. So I did it. And I left. I was ecstatic that I had the nerves to do such a thing! So then I made my way to MacDo (McDonald’s) with my friends so we could finish eating and charge our phones. There, we talked for a good while, catching up and speaking some French, laughing, and doing stupidness.

After making our way out of MacDo, my friend Italia challenged me to high five the next guy I saw. And I was totally up for the challenge. The first guy was hesitant but gave a thumbs up with a smile…not a high five. But the next guy, taken back, gave me a high five and appreciated it. It made me feel good. So as I continued walking, we continued to challenge one another. Italia went up to a stranger and told a joke. Her sister, Francia, sang Rebecca Black’s Friday (actually Thursday). But our friend Angelica, didn’t complete her challenge of having to hug someone. Later, I took a selfie with a random guy. More and more, I felt happy and spontaneous. I was stepping out of my comfort zones, accomplishing what I’ve been wanting to accomplish.

We made our way to the Skyway and took some pics and walked around before we left (around 8 PM). The car ride was fun because we sang to some throwback songs: Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, It’s Tricky by Run DMC, etc. It was fun to sing out loud and I felt good.

So today was a great day. And I enjoyed every moment and every memory I created.

So as Mark and Ethan (my favorite YouTube couple) sign off,