its 11 pm what more does the internet expect of me at this point lol

that bjork song

that bjork song every time when i seen an eloquent boy

reciting poetry

i want to be him

i want to know him

i wish i could form my body

silly putty

dysphoria brand

push away meat from my body

i would weigh less then

he believes in beauty
he’s venus as a boy

i repeat it to myself

that bjork song

every time

its me

im that bjork song and I’m her frying eggs in that music video and I’m that bad cinematography

im the longing for uncomfortable skin

i cant stand the smell or thought of eggs

so i never watch the video

i just listen

he believes

hes venus

im your venus I’m your fire


the 2 minute runs to work

my allergies first started acting up then.

id drink blueberry lemonade and laugh when i couldnt feel my mouth

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