What You Should Know About Hiking With Your Dog

One of the most popular activities people enjoy on an RV camping trip is hiking. Hiking is a great way to explore and see the outdoor beauty all around your campground. Hiking is made even more enjoyable when you bring your furry family member along.

You will more than likely encounter another hiker or two along the trails especially in summer during peak camping season. It is good to remember that not all people are dog people and that dogs are not humans, they need special attention when on the trails. Here are some great hiking tips for taking your dog along.

Some things to Bring:

- fresh water and a collapsible bowl

- Food and treats

- Well fitting collar and current license and I.D. tag

- Sturdy leash for walking and securing should you need to use the restroom

- Waste bags

- Pad/paw protective booties for rough and rocky terrain or snow and ice if hiking up high or in cold temps.

- First aid kit

- Towel to clean feet or dry after exploring a river, stream, or lake

- Dog backpack to help share the load of hiking supplies (optional of course)

Preparing for Your Hike

Before heading out on a long trail it is good to get your dog used to the demand of physical activity. Start out with shorter hikes or longer walks at home to build your pooch’s fitness and endurance. Make sure that the trail you want to hike is dog friendly as well and that your dog is healthy enough to handle any elevation changes. If you are unsure it is a great idea to ask your vet.

Also don’t plan your hike for the hottest part of the day when hiking in the summer and hotter temperatures. Hike where there is shade if possible and watch for signs of overexertion such as heavy panting, drooling, weakness, and bright red gums.

Stop for Breaks

It is important to stop more often than you would on your own to give your dog a break and make sure they are getting plenty of water. Give dogs small bits of food throughout the hike instead of a large meal right before heading up the mountain. Give your pooch a treat or two and let them know how well they are doing to keep them motivated and happy.


Make sure all your pet’s vaccines are up to date. Being in the wilderness there are many different things your dog could come in contact with from small creatures to tiny pests like fleas and ticks. You don’t want Fido to suffer from these creatures or pass small pests on to you.

With the right preparation and tools on hand you can have a great time hiking with your dog. Make sure to give them time to rest when you get back to the RV.

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