I felt guilty sipping on an overly sweetened chai latte.
Sitting in front of me was small frame woman.
Unusually long for her hair reached shoulders.
Always dyed grey roots were showing.
The long coat covering her shoulders and her flowing body language told a story of a changed person.
The prognosis came as a shock to her and everyone in her world.
The CT scan showing stage four cancer took off a layer of defence that she carried with her day in and day out.
I’ve ever felt her to be so present. So right here. So resistant to leave.
Positive talk revealed enormous fear.
I’ve never seen a person beg to live.
She was humble and truthful about her fear of giving up.
Everything seemed to fall into the right places for her healing to happen.
She had the attitude, the environment, the support and then … and then all you can do is pray and believe.

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