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All self development or self improvement or self help techniques have a very important element to them that most people that want to improve themselves struggle with: implementation. If you don’t implement an idea that helps you improve yourself it simply stays in your head. You become great at knowing about self help techniques, or you get great at talking about how people can improve themselves, you become excellent at explaining what affirmations are, what rapport is whatever it is you’re learning about….but YOU DON’T REALLY GET THE BENEFIT YOU COULD GET IF YOU KNEW HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT.

If you watch my videos, read articles, learn about dating tips, dating techniques, methods to attract women that make sense to you and that give you a deeper understanding and you then don’t implement them in your life, you’re selling yourself short.

See, if you’re into self improvement and helping yourself to become a better man and you learn a lot of ideas, methods and strategies to change and make more of yourself and you don’t know how to implement them properly you might actually get more frustrated in the process.

In fact, if you don’t manage to implement ideas you like you’re seriously affecting your self image and your self respect.

So in this video I give you my simple 3 step formula for learning and implementing any skill, technique or method that involves other people or a social setting.

Following this 3 step process will ensure that you get the most benefit from an idea that you like and want to implement in your life without you getting stuck on the way to implementation because it seems to hard to bridge the gap from understanding what’s needed to actually doing it.

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