How Many Words Can You Have in Your Personal Statement?


In this article, you will learn how to write a standard personal statement that will help make your application successful. The content of this post includes the importance of a PS (Personal Statement), the average word count required, how online checkers will help improve your PS, and how to make your personal statement stand out.


Your personal statement is an integral part of your admission application. The content of this important piece of writing can mar or make your chances of being selected. Therefore, you should ensure that your person statement is well written. And, it should completely focus on what the board or committee is looking out for. Generally, you should employ the acceptable standard for writing a personal statement, which includes knowing the word limit for personal statement.

Bear in mind that each personal statement will slightly differ from another due to factors such as the institution in question, and your career of pursuit. However, you can adopt some valuable steps to write an outstanding piece. Well, this doesn’t come that easy, which is why many applicants prefer to leverage professional writers for the task.

The Importance of (PS) Personal Statement

Only a few of the educational institutions would hold interviews for in-coming students. Often, admission decision is purely based on your application, with the personal statement being the real clincher.

A professor at Oxford summarizes the importance of personal statement this way; “I cannot overemphasize the priority that is placed on personal statement as a major deciding factor in selecting would-be students.” Therefore, before starting to write, ensure you explore what is paramount to admission tutors in assessing a personal statement.

This important piece of writing is a great chance for you to demonstrate your potential, goals, enthusiasm, and convince the admission tutors why you are qualified for admission. And, for more competitive courses, a personal statement becomes more of a deciding factor.

Here are additional reasons you should place high priority on your personal statement;

  • It could be a Rescue for Insufficient Grade: Have you considered that an outstanding statement could suddenly become a major deciding factor if you fail to get the required grades on the day of results?

An admission tutor’s decision could suddenly turn to your favor due to an excellently written PS, so that your poor grade plays insignificant role in assessing your performance. This is also why you should use a quality personal statement checker to evaluate your statement.

  • Your Personal Statement is Your Voice: Some courses do not engage interview at all, which means your personal statement is the only means you have to speak out and showcase your interest, ability, potential and enthusiasm to the admission committee.

Therefore, you should strive to create a statement that is honest, relevant, enthusiastic, and will be ultimately your voice.

  • The Content of Your PS Could Shape the Direction of Your Interview: When it comes to courses that require interview, the content of your PS could constitute some of the interview questions.

This is why your personal statement should be well researched and written with conviction, lots of gusto, and in all honesty. Subsequently, answering the interview questions would be easy and devoid of struggle.

What is the Average Word/Page Count for a PS?

According to UCAS standard, there is no specified personal statement word count. In essence, there is no particular word limit. In fact, you are expected to target a maximum of 4000 characters or 47 lines.

It is highly advised that you use UCAS personal statement checker to determine whether or not your PS meets the standard requirements for character length and number of lines.

Why an Online Checker is Helpful

The need to write perfect personal statement cannot be overemphasized. And, one of the ways to ensure your PS has been written to meet set standard is to use online checkers.

The online checkers will not only check the length of your statement, but will also help detect grammatical issues such as wrong use of tenses, misspellings, typos and more. It’s a great way to put finishing touches to your personal statement and make it a winning tool.


Indeed, you can increase your chances of making your PS a winning one by leveraging the help of professional MBA essay and personal statement writer.

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