The Whys and The Hows of Body Detox

Detox, or detoxification, is a process involving the removal of toxins and potentially harmful chemicals that accumulate in a person’s body. Today when we are exposed to toxins from different sources and have stressful lifestyles, the need for detox only amplifies. Although these programmes are popular, they are also largely misunderstood. Due to the lack of accurate info, it is difficult to choose an adequate programme to maximize detox results. This article provides much-needed information about detox programmes, keep reading to find out more.

Why Detox?

Reasons you need detox are numerous and a fast-paced hectic lifestyle is one of them.

With too many things to do and increased time demands at work, most people don’t have time to cook themselves a proper meal and they consume poor quality food on a daily basis. Suboptimal diets might go hand in hand with a sedentary lifestyle amplifying further the levels of toxins and chemicals in the body and the need to detox.

At the same time, we are constantly exposed to a number of toxins and chemicals including arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, and others. The buildup of toxins lowers energy levels, increases unwanted weight gain, ageing and causes damage in the functioning of the lungs, brain, liver, kidney, blood composition, and other organs. Long-term exposure to toxins contributes to muscular, physical, and neurological degenerative processes and cancer.

You need detox if all or most of these reasons apply to you:

  • Accelerated appearance of signs of aging
  • Alcohol Intake
  • Bad breath
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Constipation
  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Dull, lifeless, dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Lack of exercise
  • Muscle pain
  • Smoking or being exposed to smoke
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Unsuccessful efforts to lose weight
  • Weak immune system

How far should you go?

Not every person is the same; we have many differences including body composition. Men and women are different and have different goals, needs hence each individual requires a completely different detox approach.

Then, in terms of body types, there are also several categories including:

  • Ectomorph — persons with this body type tend to have long limbs and they aren’t particularly muscular. In fact, ectomorphs may find it difficult to gain weight or grow muscles due to a fast metabolism.
  • Mesomorph — people with this body type are proportionally built i.e. they have a larger bone structure than ectomorphs, but a lower body fat percentage than endomorphs. We can say mesomorphs are a combination of other two body types. Unlike ectomorphs, persons with this body type can easily gain muscles and they have shorter limbs and longer torso.
  • Endomorph — curvy, fuller figures. People with this body type usually struggle with weight maintenance because they are prone to weight gain. Although they can gain weight faster than ectomorphs, they have very little muscle definition.

Detoxification requires a customised approach in order to get the maximum out of the process. There is no one size fits all rule when it comes to your health. But, before you even consider following some programme, here are some things about detox you should bear in mind:

  • Never do it on your own, it’s always better to have a licensed professional monitoring the process as an imbalanced detox process will give you nasty symptoms and increases the risk of disease
  • The change in seasons or going through periods of increased stressed are very good times to start the detox
  • Ideal detox program is the one that supports overall healthy lifestyle and encourages you to make healthier choices
  • Be cautious and stay away from the programmes that require generalised changes in lifestyle without testing you individually since every person detox requirements are different

For every person, there is an ideal detox programme. Here is what to take into account when choosing detox program for yourself:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Needs and preferences
  • Health condition (if you are diagnosed with some disease or have a higher risk developing it)
  • Characteristics of the programme i.e. what does it contain
  • Credentials of the person who is monitoring the process
  • Benefits you can expect
  • Is the detox programme individualised and tailored to your challenges, body and needs?

Impact of detox on vital body organs

The main purpose of detox is to effectively eliminate toxins from the body to protect your health and improve quality of life. The process addresses the needs of vital body organs in order to improve their functioning.

Below, you can see a brief list of vital body organs and detox they require:

  • Skin — the largest organ in the body is constantly exposed to a number of pollutants as well as toxins and chemicals from household and personal care products. Since a great deal of toxins leaves the body through perspiration and removal of dead skin cells, one way of detox requires exfoliation or face masks. However, nutrition is also important. Juices and nutrient-dense foods flush out the toxins from the inside and give you radiant skin
  • Lungs — the best way to detox lungs is minimizing exposure to pollutants and smoke and increasing exposure to fresh air. Exercise opens up the chest for greater detox effects
  • Kidneys — ideal detox for kidneys is hydration that helps them function properly. Drink water, tea, or homemade juices is a great way to expel toxins
  • Colon — healthy diet and colon cleanser do a great job in eliminating waste and helping you strengthen immune system and eliminate toxic chemicals
  • Liver — the most important organ to detox, healthy lifestyle adjustments are recommended before other cleanses

Types of Detox

With the increased demand for effective and safe detox, different plans and programs exist for people with different needs.

Below, you can see the types of detox and how they benefit the users:

  • 14–28 day natural detox — comprehensive assessment, face-to-face setting, tailored shopping list and usage of unique natural foods, herbs, nutrients, supplements and natural juices adapted to a person’s metabolism, body type, and other important health parameters
  • Weight loss detox — safely and effectively eliminates toxins to support healthy weight loss and reduce inflammation
  • Drug detox — eliminates toxins while helping patients overcome withdrawal symptoms
  • Alcohol detox — expels all traces of alcohol and helps an individual deal with symptoms of withdrawal
  • Nutritional detox — customised eating plan and supplements and a safe, balanced intake of specific foods and vegetables that support elimination of toxins and chemicals
  • Juice detox — the use of juices to flush out toxins and supply the body with different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes
  • Body transformation detox — customised exercise programme to improve blood flow, help eliminate toxins through sweat, and it also helps kidneys filter toxins
  • Body cleanser detox — the use of body cleansers to remove toxins in a natural and easy manner
  • Quit smoking detox — self-explanatory, limiting exposure to smoke can do wonders for your health including stronger immunity, weight loss, improved skin, anti-ageing effects and optimum nutritional support

Role of a clinical nutritionist and elite personal trainer

As mentioned above, you should never do a body detox on your own since an imbalanced detox process will cause headache, weaknesses, diarrhea, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and fatigue. An imbalanced detox process can dangerously increase waste accumulation which could cause DNA damage at the cellular level and some diseases including cancer. Although it may seem easy, detox is a demanding process that requires professional care and monitoring. Clinical nutritionists and elite personal trainers help you successfully complete your detox programme.

How do they do it?

Clinical nutritionists perform specific detox tests according with your goals in order to determine the level of toxicity in your body. They use those results to create an ideal, customised plan for specific needs of your body. You get exercise plans, shopping lists, juice plans, and diet plans to adhere to. Professionals, like nutritionists and elite personal trainers, help you stay motivated and ensure you’re going on the right track.

Author information

Jazz is a clinical Harley Street London nutritionist, a natural detoxification weight loss expert, elite personal trainer, 2nd generation Pilates trainer, with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. During the years spent working as a clinical nutritionist and elite trainer, Jazz has worked with people from different professions including bankers, actors and actresses, doctors, CEOs, and many others. Jazz doesn’t only help you detox, but he also helps you have a healthier lifestyle.

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