The Most Beautiful Bookstore On Earth
Thodoris Georgakopoulos

This was a heart-warming article, thank-you. Right up my alley, or cobblestone drive (no lascivious pun intended). Yes, I hope atlantis books gets saved somehow or receives funding from a generous benefactor. I didn’t see any links for donations or maybe I need to go to I have some original poems I wrote in iambic pentatmeter using such verbiage as “ruffians” and “knavery” I’d like to donate as well as the works of John Milton and Geoffrey Monmouth among others. The last paragraph was particularly thought-provoking. These aren’t places they are moments, little pockets of joy that can’t be purchased, or scheduled.” So true. And the fact that Mr. Sedaris mans a cash register, signs books, and writes things down in a ledger, was especially inspiring to me. I was teetering on the edge of putting my calligraphy skills to rest until I read this. Simply beautiful.

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