Nonprofit and Financial Instrument on Intellectual conversion rates and others, Persons dataset .

Welcome to the Nonprofit and financial instrument, Persons Asset Class.

My name is Matthew Ashburn, founding framer.
More about becoming a founding framer on our site is available. The open enrollment has begun February 14th 2019 and through to February 14th 2021.

Proposing, we are at the intersection of capitalism (subjective) vs automation (non-subjective) and therefore the complexity as to framing this century and beyond…

Humanity + Commodification + Technology.

The economic and commerce structures around us were here before us and those that benefit the most are hanging onto their ideologies, in hopes to save themselves from the known…

Financial Instrument on Intellectual conversion rates of Persons dataset, indexed on exchanges


The value of a person is directly associated to the intellectual conversion rate, based on personal datasets, and solely for producing a value (wages/etc), derived by a non subjective system, and for quantifying pricing/ratings, in this early age-of-autonomous systems.

Our position — Self Preservation is apparent within the trading-of-data between parties (human+tech) such that a construct of “Perfect Information” more important “lifeblood” and with checks/balances to validate the indexed valuations and thereby producing efficient mechanics for an — Every Person Income.

As Non Profit, our mission is to provide Members of Humanity with comprehensive advocacy & development for personal data…

Every Person Income will produce value with an exchange rate, as in the form of income and based on the intellectual conversions within a persons dataset.

The foundation is data, and value is the exchange among all parties rather monetary or other…

As an Non-profit Organization, our mission in defining an equitable system is based on the Value-of-Thyself, by a modus operandi of collecting-storing-aggregating-trading, and based on, not limited to, the following components:

  • Persons Inputs/Outs (data flow — personal & professional)
  • Proficiency (Core, Median, Standard)
  • Stocks & Tangible Assets
  • Social Influences

“Everything you do has a +/- value and total…

Persons Asset Class

Intellectual conversion rates & others, Persons dataset. Pre-distribution advocacy & development of personal data as fundamentals, 21st Century Wealth Creation.

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