A Pre-hire Journey from Offer to First Day

With the increased pace of skills migrating and transitioning to new technologies and new digital workflows, the importance of quickly forging a strong link between the new employee and the organization has never been more important. Aligning the employee with their expected performance provides greater flexibility for the organization to change their dynamics and execute their strategies.

The Four Weeks to Work Playbook concentrates on creating a successful pre-boarding experience. In 14 short vignettes, the Playbook showcases a new hire progressing through her pre-boarding experience, which takes place in the four weeks between offer acceptance and her first day. This overview includes coaching and assistance in preparing for the first day. The Playbook also provides preparation for the organization, the hiring manager, and the team in order to create and support a performance-driven start for the new employee. …

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Anyone who lives along the coast (ocean, digital or otherwise) knows that the first rule if you find yourself in a rip current, is don’t struggle. Only with insight, pre-knowledge, or experience does someone know how to perform in these situations. Fighting a rip current is a losing battle, but swimming with or parallel to the current is the best way to exit it safely. This runs counter to our intuition, biases, and assumptions about our abilities, which would push us headlong into the waves.

Pre-boarding with PerStart

In today’s hyper-driven economy, onboarding is the same way. Digital transformations accelerate…

gomo learning is a responsive, cloud-based learning authoring tool that we have been actively using to develop courses for the last 3 years. We have experimented using a variety of the new learning authoring tools including Elucidat and Rise and the typical characters, Captivate and Storyline, to develop courses for numerous customers, with varied learning objectives. Of all the responsive, cloud-based learning tools we have used, gomo learning is absolutely the most advanced. Here are our key findings related to building and deploying learning courses with gomo learning.

gomo learning mult-device responsive display developed Four Weeks to Work Pre-boarding Experience

1) Break a Theme Before You Use a Theme

Our first suggestion is to really learn and understand the boundaries of a theme. This is the best way to explore whether the theme can handle the learning experience you are after. Then, go loud, go ugly, and scale for mobile! You will quickly see what is possible in gomo’s world. Then you can transition to planning your styles wisely by selecting and viewing different combinations that can bring your brand and frame to life. Once you create and break-in all different settings and all sizes, you will start to see what this cloud system is capable of.

2) Go Beyond Device Flexibility

gomo learning…

Beyond skill and knowledge transfer during new hires’ first days, there are actions and behaviors that you can encourage in new hires, through preboarding and new hire experiences, that help them be successful in their new roles.

Try a Micro-Learning Experience

Use this micro-learning experience to step into the video and see how Linguini demonstrates the onboarding techniques that every new hire should understand. In this short scene from the Pixar movie Ratatouille, the new hire, Linguini, starts cooking on the first day of his new job. …

Every new hire’s story is unique. They do not write their story to quit on day one, yet we know that four percent of new hires leave after a disastrous first day. They do not plan to leave within six months, yet nearly twenty percent do. They, like the organizations that hire them, are hoping for a better onboarding outcome.

How the organization views the four weeks between offer acceptance and first day can have a significant impact on the successful onboarding of the new hire. From an organization’s point of view, the time between offer acceptance and a new hire’s first day is a waiting period. However, that time period for that same new hire, is filled with life-changing events and anxieties. This difference in perspective between the organization and new hire can lead to missing important turning points that can impact whether the new hire onboards successfully. …

What if an organization could move and respond like a murmuration of starlings?

Learning Transformation as a Murmuration of Starlings

Learning Transformation as a Murmuration of Starlings

What happens when you move your team during digital transformation or periods of uncertainty and change? A Murmuration, if you are lucky. A murmuration is a stunning display of starlings, executing turns while remaining completely fluid. What seems random actually requires an acute awareness of the immediate surroundings.

Scientists have recently begun to understand how they are able to create and act as a cohesive organism. Individual starlings are focused not on the entire organism, but on maintaining relative positioning with their seven closest neighbors.

“Starling flocks move in beautiful ways that both captivate and intrigue the observer. When…

Build Your Own Experience — BYOE

Digital learning is instruction facilitated and enhanced by technology and integrated into the learner’s world. As learning moves to digital, can we achieve the same results that a classroom and online can achieve? Can digital learning go further?

Through a combination of technology and personalization, digital learning offers a new level of experience that incorporates the best elements of classroom and online learning. Great classroom instructors craft learning experiences that tell stories, offer perspective, build empathy, and convey purpose to the learner. Online learning, through structure and platforms, offers scale, interactions and extended content availability.


Teacher to Learner

Great classroom…

Learning experiences will need to evolve to keep pace with the way learners consume content. The trend to build core learning experiences that are engaging and both easy to transfer and transmit will only continue to accelerate.

Never before learners been so screen savvy and able to perceive fake content, workflows, and useless scenarios that were programmatically easy to create. If the creation of materials followed a basic process, the end result will reflect that. But going beyond responsive learning trends inevitably means handing over control of the course, and medium with which it’s delivered, directly to the learner. No longer can we expect a learning experience to adequately engage without giving the learner some measure of control.

Hand over the tiller!

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