In their updated Human Interface Guideline, Apple recommends to embrace the thing that the internet loves to call “The Notch”. So here’s how they thought we’d embrace it.

I always thought Apple was innovating only when they can provide a better solution, but that’s not the case here. Now, they’ve left us with a big pink elephant in the room and it’s only the beginning.


I couldn’t find any API for changing the background-background-color to match at least the first section of a webpage but I noticed it changes its background to white & black.

People will hold these “immersive”…

by Raul Perțe

I’ve been around for 7859 days and have never played the lottery because I know that the probability of me winning is way too small to create any hype.

TL;DR — Well, I made an app so I can play in my way.

Two weeks ago I was asked by an elderly relative if I could check the lotto results for them. Sure thing, I could have said „you didn’t win” without actually checking them numbers. The interesting thing here is that I saw the numbers he was playing: birthdate, month, number of dogs.

If you want to do better design, allow yourself to fail more.

First of all, design is a subjective thing, right? It consists of shapes and colors mixed together and if done correctly, it can get someone's attention. Well.. it's not that easy.

© Raul Perțe — @perte

It just happens.

The beauty of being able to create is that you’re sometimes allowed to fail. Fire up your go-to design tool and apply your ideas to the canvas.

Note: try not to fail when you’re paid not to. If that happens, be honest and discuss it with the client. I believe that good designers are the ones who don’t hide their failings from their clients.

Experiments raised the bar.

I'm not old enough to…

by Raul Perțe

Close-up of Aerium for iOS nude in the nature.

Today marks quite a nice day for me. A side-project that started on Dribbble over one year ago and was one step from being thrown on the „cool ideas that I will never implement” list, got shipped for iOS and hunted on Product Hunt.

As a freelance designer, I work in 5-hour long sprints. That allows me to focus on my client and also to work on my side-projects.

by Raul Perțe

I am a designer. I work f̶o̶r̶ with people to transform their idea into something great. In translation, I help them make more money, for money. That's what I tell myself at the end of every day. That's what my website says.

I got my first job at local company when I was 17 and learned from amazing designers things that YouTube don’t teach. Being the youngster there, I was doing pretty much everything — design, social media and sometimes front-end coding.

I knew I wasn’t the person to do that 9-to-5 schedule with 10 minutes breaks…

Raul Perțe

Product Designer · Makes iOS apps · @perte ·

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