Designer's most hated F word: failing.

If you want to do better design, allow yourself to fail more.

First of all, design is a subjective thing, right? It consists of shapes and colors mixed together and if done correctly, it can get someone's attention. Well.. it's not that easy.

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It just happens.

The beauty of being able to create is that you’re sometimes allowed to fail. Fire up your go-to design tool and apply your ideas to the canvas.

Note: try not to fail when you’re paid not to. If that happens, be honest and discuss it with the client. I believe that good designers are the ones who don’t hide their failings from their clients.

Experiments raised the bar.

I'm not old enough to remember the Google page when they launched, as I was only 3 years old but I am pretty sure that people in 1998 didn't know that almost 20 years in the future we will have dynamically responsive layouts that actually look good.

Beautiful design by Google in 1998. Raul Perțe was 3 years old.

At a certain point, everything that we design will become obsolete and possibly ugly. Not because we designed it that way, but because people have the courage to experiment other ideas towards the same goal: making it better.

Let's take Thomas Edison for example — his 1,000 attempts to invent the light bulb did us a big favor. We now have light bulbs that change their color when you enter the HEX code on your too-big iPhone 7 Plus.


The chances of you nailing the perfect design solution without iteration are near to zero. It’s the most time consuming part of the process and I personally hate it because there are too many possibilities.

It’s our nature to settle when we have something good in our hands and because we are too lazy to see what's under other rocks. That is one of the reasons why I am a freelancer — I'm not „punished” for trying to make accomplish a business goal with a different approach.

Tip: iterate on paper. It's way more faster and you can present your idea in seconds. It's crazy-fast technology.

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Raul Perțe is a designer and it's his responsibility to make better products. Because he failed an interview at Facebook when he was younger, he's now a freelancer that never applied to a job after that.