I don't get what immersive means anymore.

In their updated Human Interface Guideline, Apple recommends to embrace the thing that the internet loves to call “The Notch”. So here’s how they thought we’d embrace it.

I always thought Apple was innovating only when they can provide a better solution, but that’s not the case here. Now, they’ve left us with a big pink elephant in the room and it’s only the beginning.


People will hold these “immersive” smartphones in hands, even when in landscape, I kid you not. By doing that, we’ll cover the screen with our thumbs, covering the notch and the white background-background altogether. Why not take advantage of that OLED Super Retina screen?

The real screen estate is the same, only less eye-bothering white pixels.

Even though most of the users are not using the iPhone in landscape, they’ll still have to pay over €1000 on it. Is that how you want your website to be experienced?


Again, you can take advantage of that Retina S display and still provide a good immersive experience.

So, what’s next? Will you embrace The Notch?

Jony Ive, right now.

Unfortunately, when Apple makes a decision, they stick with it so this is what they think it’s better for us. I’ll go and update my Dribbble profile description to “Notch Designer” — calling dibs on that one. It will only make sense next year when the next MacBook will feature rounded corners. And The Notch.

Product Designer · Makes iOS apps · @perte · http://perte.io

Product Designer · Makes iOS apps · @perte · http://perte.io