Why Do You Choose Timber Shutters Over Curtains?

Curtains have been under on a great demand amongst all homeowners for many years — and it’s not difficult to see why. Adding curtains can be used for dressing windows, restoring warmth and maintaining safety as well as privacy at home. But now the times have changed and 21st-century options leave curtains in the back seat. Out of all the alternatives available right now, timber shutters stand out atop in the competition. The main reason behind that they are practical, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Timber shutters are hand crafted from finest quality of timber slices in Australia. It’s more decorative, eye catching and artistic for your home use. If you want more evidence against using shutters over curtains at home, please check out the post below and find on your own:

Unlike curtains, timber shutters can able to ensure good quality insulation against noise. It’s a real benefit, especially for those living near a busy neighborhood. It’s no more surprising that these shutters are the practical solution to your home decor — if you are looking for a trusted solution ensuring the protection of your living space from intense heat and light.

Earlier the window coverings were fitted externally. However, for practical reasons they are normally installed inside. And the good news of installing timber shutters is that they can be made to fit any size or shape of the window. There is no doubt timber shutters meet all the criteria for a practical window covering. But what about looks? Well, they are not left behind in that department! After all, the design of these shutters is classic.

When it comes to choosing timber shutters, the choice is extensive — from a wide variety of woods to the color or stain with which they are finished. No matter whatever your style of furnishing or color scheme you can be able to coordinate your shutters with your home decor.

When you change your color scheme you won’t have to change your shutters — unlike curtains, as they don’t ‘date’ over the years of use. To maintain your timber shutter, you just need a quick flick with a duster. And, of course, while the dust particles get deep into the fabric of curtains, they will contribute to or aggravate allergies. You won’t have any danger like this with shutters.

Curtains fade and the fabric material eventually rots over the time, whereas shutters will remain indestructible for more years to come.

The operation has nothing to do with curtains — whether it’s open or closed. But the shutters can be adjusted to your specific requirements. You can take advantage of these shutters, like protection against strong sunlight, fading furnishings, furniture, and pictures.

Conclusion –

After looking at so many benefits of timber shutters over curtains, it’s totally up to you. So, it’s time to invest in timber shutters available at Perth Blinds and take advantage of its unique aesthetics, timeless elegance and unique features for more years to come. For more information about our products and their specifications, please visit http://www.perthblinds.com/. For more information stay social with us Facebook, Twitter and Google+.