You Should Listen to These 7 Design Podcasts
Josiah Ubben

Great list! Also a huge Draplin fan here. The “design” podcasts I listen to tend to lean more on the UX side, but here are a few that I enjoy:

Shop Talk Show: Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert answer audience questions and interview a variety of guests. They’re funny and have a great rapport.

RWD Podcast: Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte interview teams large and small that have successfully gone responsive. A great podcast for understanding the challenges involved in an RWD project and how to overcome them.

Style Guide Podcast: Anna Debenham and Brad Frost chat with guests about pattern libraries and design systems. This was a short-run podcast but lots of insights to be found here.

Honorable mention: The Web Ahead, Ctrl+Click Cast, The Big Web Show.

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