As we all hunker down and prepare to socially distance ourselves for the coming 4–8 weeks, the one thing we don’t seem to be distancing ourselves from is online media. You only need to switch on your browser and you will be absolutely inundated with all types of content about COVID-19.

Admittedly some of this is necessary news. For many organisations this has been a time to share critical communications with affected customers and partners. However, many are also just using this time to churn out blog posts that simply don’t need to be there.

Do we really need to…

We are here. After much discussion and endless amounts of co-ordination, conflict and planning my family and I have finally relocated back to New Zealand.

For me, it is like moving back home considering I’ve lived for an equal amount of years in India and New Zealand. But, it’s a big deal for my husband and kids and getting to this point was not an easy journey! I would even go so far as to say that this has been the most valuable work experience on my CV till date. An exercise in complex project management!

Lesson #1: Rely on data not emotions to get key stakeholders on board, even if it means doing the hard yards.

The journey started two…

A step by step guide to getting frame-worthy candid family photographs

Late afternoon is a great time to take photos in natural light. We used a quilt my mom made for us for this photo! Photography: Ishaaq Petiwala Photography

The older I get, the more I am losing interest in ‘stuff’. I’d rather get and gift money and if that’s not an option I like to give something meaningful that is either hand made by me or else just gift photographs. It is my dream one day to own a home and have an entire passage way devoted to all the photos (and consequently good memories) I have collected over the years.

However, anyone with kids will tell you how bloody hard it is to take any decent…

For babies from 6 weeks — 3 months old

M1 and me on a local flight in NZ

My mother didn’t catch her first flight until she was 36 and I didn’t catch mine until I was 12. But M1? He travelled by air when he was just three months old! And my second son? We flew with him at just six weeks.

Both my kids had their travel plans chalked out even before they were born.

You see, before I realised how laborious labour actually was, I wanted three kids. I’d joke then that since my kids would have a set of grand-parents each in Singapore, New Zealand…

Yesterday morning, while I had a shower my phone started buzzing with messages from the various mom groups I am a part of. The community was abuzz with news of a popular mall in Kolkata and their shameful response to a moms review about their mall having no feeding room for her to breastfeed her baby.

It took the collective complaining of hundreds of mothers who were aghast at the mall’s behaviour to bring this issue to light in mainstream media. …

Image Credit: MamaMedusa | Instagram

Miss B,

It's been 8 days now since I walked out on you. I mean, you knew this day was coming didn’t you. It shouldn’t be the total shock that you are making it out to be.

I started feeling distanced from you ever since you came up with that stupid song, “No More Milkies”. There was a time earlier this year, I used to crave you. Oh, to put my head against your soft surface, inhale your milky smell and just gently cuddle & lick you every half an hour through the night.

Those were the nights!

But then…

It is the norm today to plan the decor for your child’s room around the same time that you find out you are pregnant. Like many middle class Indian children of the 80/90s however, I always co-slept with my parents and hence my greatest ambition as a kid was to own a ‘doll house’. Sadly, I never got to have one because living in a joint family of six meant there was simply no space!

M and his cousin enjoying inside the TeePee

To me, the doll house was less about the dolls and more about the home. This probably explains why even as an adult I am…

The other day I went to meet one of my family friends with both the toddler and newborn in tow. They have a lovely house with a huge backyard so while the newborn pretty much slept through most of lunch, the toddler and me kicked a ball around and ran from here to there generally getting tired.

After lunch, when M was exhausted and he caught a glimpse of me feeding the newborn he promptly climbed into my lap, stabbed at my chest and started his broken record of ‘Du, Du, Du’. Without a second thought I reached into my…

I breastfed my toddler throughout my pregnancy and continue even today. Here’s why you should too!

“You should wean off your elder son from breastmilk in the next two weeks or so”

This is the one statement I still remember clearly from my appointment with the doctor when I found out I was pregnant a second time. As I put my newborn son to my breast moments after he has come into this world, the rest of the conversation is a blur. …

Crazy things people tell you and how to cope

Becoming pregnant is a joyous thing. But the moment you share this happy news with your near, dear and faraway ones, be prepared for the flood-gates of advice that is sure to flow your way. From what to eat to how much (or little) you sleep to when you should buy things for your baby — others will have more to say about your pregnancy than you ever thought possible.

Recognising that good intentions are behind all this advice that comes your way will certainly help towards keeping your temper in…

Perzen Patel

Mother to two sons and a Parsi food blog, Bawi Bride. Food, travel & writing — things that make me happy. I also write about being a mom on P for Parenting.

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