All of the times Jordanian Airways won at social media

Pesha Magid
Apr 11, 2017 · 3 min read

In our uncertain and unsettling times very few things can be relied on. One of thing we can count on though — after every terrible American misstep related to airways Royal Jordanian Airlines will be waiting in the wings ready to drag the US for its foolishness.

The most recent of these incidents was after a video of United Airlines passenger being physically dragged off the plane went viral. United overbooked the flight, and when no customer offered to give up their seat, violently removed a doctor from the flight. The video shows airport security injuring the passenger before pulling his body through the aisle off the plane.

In response Royal Jordanian Airlines posted this gem of a tweet gently reminding their passengers that “dragging” is strictly prohibited on Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Ah Royal Jordanian social media. Masters of puns and my heart. But this is far from the first time Royal Jordanian Airways has used social media to poke fun at airline controversies.

After President Donald Trump announced there would be an electronics ban on all devices larger than a cellphone from 10 Middle Eastern airports — Royal Jordanian was ready. They tweeted a list of alternatives things to do on a flight without a laptop, which ended with a pointed “Think of the reasons why you don’t have a laptop or a tablet with you.”

Royal Jordanian were also there when US Judges blocked the Trump ban on immigration from seven Muslim majority countries including Jordan. In the tweet they showed an ad with the word “Ban” crossed out and replaced with “Bon.” The ad encouraged people to buy flights to the United States now that they were allowed to. The tweet below explicitly thumbed its nose at Trump — directly referencing him and the ban.

Even before that. In the halcyon days before Trump assumed presidency, Royal Jordanian airways was out and about calling the then-candidate about. In the first tweet that would launch the airline on its path of social media glory the airline posted a simple ad showing flights to the US — with the forboding message, “Just in case he wins…Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to!”

This advertising strategy has not gone unnoticed. A recent Atlantic article pointed out that since Royal Jordanian adopted trolling Trump as a marketing strategy they’ve won awards for their ads. After they published the November 2016 tweet, they saw a 50% uptick in bookings to the US.

When explaining the marketing strategy behind these tweets to the Atlantic, Hadi Alleidein — the man leading the team writing these tweets — summed it up perfectly.

“We’re kind of passive-aggressive,” he said.

So Royal Jordanian. The airline with the successful, openly passive aggressive marketing team. Keep on keeping on. You’re an example to us all.

Pesha Magid

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Freelance reporter. Based in Istanbul. I post things here that don’t really fit anywhere else. This means sharks and politics. Follow @pmagid

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