Keep Ants Away from your home with Ant Control Services Nottingham

Tired of creepy crawly ants creeping everywhere and pestering you with painful bites every now and then? Ants are common pests which can be found at more or less every household. They multiply every time there are leftover food, (especially food with high sugar content)spoilt food or garbage that have not been cleaned up. If not nipped in the bud, ant infestation can become quite a menace to your household and can even become a carrion of diseases. So consulting the services of a professional pest control service which has enjoys a good repute and is located within your vicinity is a must, if you want to get rid of this pests once and forever.

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Quality pest control services will come to your house and inspect the sources of pest infestation. According to pest experts, presence of small earth piles at the base of your walls and around soil holes will indicate their existence. Whether the ant infestation comprises of red ants or black ants they will effectively be dealt with using mild Eco-friendly procedures which will not leave harmful side effects for you and your family. Safe and secure environment-friendly methods and procedures like strategic placement of ant killing granular and gel balls and mild eco-friendly spraying solutions will be used to get rid of ants. Places where the ant infestation are the largest will be detected and the ant control solution will be sprayed upon it. The pest control service team will also check the nooks and cracks of your wall where the ants have set up their nests and a special powder will be poured on those cracks which the ants mistake for food, and carry back to their nests, but which will obliterate the entire colony within a week!

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The pest removal and control service will remove ants Nottingham safely and effectively without compromising the health of your family and pets in any way. They will also use several bait methods which will lure the ants out of their abode within your walls and the nook and corner of your house and then catch them and put them in tight bags.

Before calling professional pest control services, you too can lessen the infestation of ants in your home by your own, it might not totally remove ant population, but it might reduce their opportunities to multiply. Make sure that you do not have any leftover food especially food which has high levels of sugar, ants can also infest if there are an abundance of food stains, so get a professional to work on spots and stains caused by spillage of food and drinks or clean them up by yourself. Secondly cordon off all the cracks and holes of your wall and floor with pest resistant cement, as ants are always looking for cracks and leakages where they can build nests. But the basic and perhaps the most effective way of preventing infestation of these creepy crawlies which inflict painful bites is to make sure that no food is spilled or no edible leftovers exists and if there are leftovers they are cleaned ;promptly without leaving any residue, as any organic or inorganic residue invites ant and other pest infestation.

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