Bed Bugs Pest Control in El Paso, TX

Pest Defense Solutions El Paso provides many different pest control services to keep your home and business free from all types of insects and pests from invading your space.

If pests return at any time between regularly scheduled appointments, Our exterminator in El Paso will return free of charge and re-treat. For customers who are not on a recurring service schedule, we offer a 30 day guarantee.

Our core philosophy here at Pest Defense Solutions El Paso is this: If we can do a good job outside by creating a thorough barrier on the exterior of your home, we can prevent most pests from entering in the first place.


Pest Defense Solutions understands how much you value your business. And regardless of the business you’re in, we are here to protect it from invaders who would damage it. Let us defend your facilities, personnel, customers, and profits against pests.

With our industry leading techniques and products, you can trust our pest control in El Paso TX to care for your business and all your commercial pest control as if it were our own. Business is good in El Paso, TX, and so is the protection you get from Pest Defense Solutions.


Bed bugs have become a real-life nightmare for many people. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their mere presence is extremely disturbing for many people. Bed bug bites can cause irritation, redness, severe rashes, and can leave blood spots on your sheets. Bed bugs El Paso TX are found in hotels, homes, and apartments. They are readily transferred throughout our community through clothing, used furniture, luggage, backpacks, and a myriad other ways.

However they invaded your space, you want them gone. And you’ve come to the right place. Pest Defense Solutions is El Paso’s premier bed bug pest control company. Not all bed bug services are created equally. We go above and beyond to offer a thorough service that is not only extremely effective, but more affordable than many of our competitors. With bed bugs in El Paso TX, we leave nothing to chance, so we treat every possible hiding place with EPA approved bed bug products that work. We work with you in a joint effort to eliminate these pesky critters. This begins with the initial inspection, continues as we formulate and carry out a control program, and it doesn’t end until you are bed bug free!